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5 months ago

b Unable to join multiplayer game when we both have the mod

4 months ago
(updated 4 months ago)

We tried playing with this mod together with a friend and encountered an error. He's unable to join my game due to some "event listener mismatch", his logs for a connection attempt are below. We suspect that this is related to how this mods hides chunks around the spawn when the map is created, the mod must be trying to do that again when connecting to an existing game (or something like that).

 436.031 Checksum for script C:/Users/[...]/AppData/Roaming/Factorio/temp/currently-playing/control.lua: 3931528263
 436.032 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Initializing framework... DEBUG = false
 436.032 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Registering custom scripts...
 436.032 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Script: metatables
 436.033 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Script: util
 436.033 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Script: helpers
 436.033 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Script: setup
 436.034 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Script: visuals
 436.034 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Script: drag
 436.034 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Script: cleanup
 436.034 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Registering default event handlers...
 436.034 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Registering custom inputs...
 436.034 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Input: inventory-cleanup   event: on_inventory_cleanup
 436.035 Script @__even-distribution__/framework.lua:72: 0 [ED] Successfully initialized
 436.035 Checksum for script __even-distribution__/control.lua: 4024128330
 436.049 Checksum for script __Rampant__/control.lua: 1102597459
 436.050 Checksum for script __SeeNoEvil__/control.lua: 2576650747
 436.070 Error ClientMultiplayerManager.cpp:1113: mod-SeeNoEvil was not registered for the following nth_ticks when the map was saved but has registered them as a result of loading: 700
 436.070 Error ClientMultiplayerManager.cpp:98: MultiplayerManager failed: "" + multiplayer.script-event-mismatch + "
" + "
 436.077 Info ClientMultiplayerManager.cpp:581: UpdateTick(1070716) changing state from(ConnectedLoadingMap) to(Failed)
 439.137 Info ClientMultiplayerManager.cpp:202: Quitting multiplayer connection.
4 months ago

Update: yep, we removed the part that uncharts chunks at the end of control.lua and finally managed to connect. :) We don't know anything about the Factorio API to fix this but at least there's no pressure now. Thank you for the amazing mod!

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