Schall Missile Command

One atomic bomb can only destroy a small portion of enemy base? How about firing EIGHT bombs scattered with just a single shot? Adds various strategic missiles. Currently includes napalm MRV missile, poison MRV missile, atomic MRV missile, plutonium MRV missile. (Locale: English, Deutsch, 正體中文, Русский, Português Brasileiro)

3 years ago
0.17 - 1.1

i [Pending] Stationary louchers

2 years ago

I searched far and wide for mod like this. Alas, stationary louchers is not a thing here.
Would be great to the have appurtunity to lounch rockets from silos. Not like in here tho, from the separate thing, probably smaller and more affordable.

2 years ago

A kind of "stationary louchers"?
Do you mean some building like the vanilla artillery turret, where firing remote is supported?
I do not get what you mean by "smaller and more affordable" though. Explain a bit?

By the time of mod creation (2010.03, 1.5 years ago), I was wishing to make my own modded artillery turret. I had read the vanilla prototype files but did not know anyway to make it not firing vanilla artillery shells...
By now, I read it is possible. Yet I have to test if it really works. (Vanilla artillery shell prototype seems to have different from other types of ammo. Will need to check if the same ammo can be used on both a vehicle and artillery turret type.)
Naming is definitely a problem though. The ideal name would be "rocket silo" for such entity, however vanilla already took it... IMO this term sounds rather militarily. That vanilla rocket silo does not suit such term as much, and would better be named as something like "space center", "launch facility", "launch complex". Or even adding a simple prefix "space" to it (i.e., "space rocket silo") will sound better.
Such renaming would be needed, to "free up" this proper name for my artillery turret. What do you think?

2 years ago

I also like this idea! (IIRC late game in long play/large modpacks, the artillery vehicle is very vulnerable, and doesn't get a second shot off to finish off those large bases a lot of the time.)

I'd use a name like "missile silo" or something, if you're launching ICBMs basically. I don't know about the feasibility of this, but you could have silos with 1 missile in each, and a "Missile Command" (get it?) building that you would use instead of the remote, and just launch via the map. I also like the idea of building these really long-range missile systems out of rocket parts.

Another idea could be to just have a nuke payload on the rocket, instead of the satellite. (Or some cluster of them, or something, to make it more affordable.)

(And thanks for all your modding work! Most of my long-play games include a least a few of your works!)

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