Step By Step Combinators

by kajacx
Combinators that can be executed "step by step", for debugging purposes. Can convert normal/SBS networks with upgrade planner.
3 months ago
Owner: kajacx
Source: kajacx/SBS-Combinators
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 3 months ago
Latest Version: 0.0.2 (3 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 108 times

Creates SBS (Step By Step) versions of the combinators that can be executed one frame at a time. Intended use is for debugging your circuit network, especially when you need frame-perfect execution. I recommend using together with Creative Mode.

How to use

First research the SBS Combinators, then craft them from normal combinators. You can place, connect and configure the SBS combinators like normal combinators. The SBS arithmetic and decider combinators will:
Only update for a single frame when you hit the "Step execute" key (default Shift+F)
Continuously work when you toggle the "Start/stop" key (default Shift+T)
Otherwise they will stay "frozen" on their last output, meaning you can pause your network, inspect the signals, then advance it 1 frame and then inspect again.

Convert existing networks

The combinators are in replaceable groups, so you can change your network into SBS network easily with an customized upgrade planner or manually. Also note you can "upgrade" your blueprint ( ) for easy-ish SBS copy of your network.
Combinators remember their settings when replaced, so after you have fixed your network in the SBS mode, use the same tactic to covert it back to a normal network.

Planned features

  • A "breakpoint" that would pause the network when a condition is met - when you want to inspect a specific moment.
  • Preview of "Output next frame" when paused, so that you can easily find a mistake in settings.
  • Different SBS networks that can be executed separately
  • A server-only version, because why not

Random notes

  • Yes, SBS constant combinator is same as the normal. I could try make it not change the set signals until you step/unpause the network, but I think it would just be confusing
  • The SBS combinators work without power (despite the warning), do not worry about it.
  • The circuit computation logic is thankfully 100% vanilla, so the lag shouldn't be too bad, but needless to say, don't use this for actual circuits, only debugging.