Roboport Converter

by Hermios

Convert missing items in the area of a roboport in signals for logistic network.

1 year, 1 month ago
0.16 - 0.18

g how does this mod work - please make the info on the portal more detailed

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

after installing your mod, i found strange new items (which have "empty" icons) in blueprints, and also at first i didn't know where to see the signals that the mod was supposed to generate. after some experimenting i think i now know how it works and it might now be a really nice alternative to other mods that try to provide similar signals from new combinators. but it would be nice if you could include some more info on the info tab of the mod portal ...

For every ghost in the area of a roboport, if there is missing material in the logistic network, the missing items will be send as signals to circuit connected to this roboport.

that's all you write. some important info that is missing for having a quick start in using the mod:

  • those new signals are generated along with the robot statistics after toggling the roboport to show robot statistics instead of logistic network statistics
  • since the vanilla signals of a roboport (number of available/total logistics/construction bots) are on the same wire too, you need to either filter those signals out, or clear the signals (rightclick the icons) on the roboport. else acting on "if any signal on wire then send train" will always(!) call a train.
  • the info only said "in the area of a roboport". this refers to the construction area of the roboport and not only the logistics area
  • the info given only applies to the area of that specific single roboport and not the whole network. thus you need to connect the signals from all relevant roboports to get the complete info for the network.
  • but when connecting several roboports, it is quite probable that missing items/ghosts are counted at least twice or even more often since roboports which touch each other's logistic area to create a bigger logistic network, always have overlapping construction areas.
  • best use is probably for an outpost with either a small network with only one roboport (or several roboports nearby to each other and using this info only from the most central of them) or to detect whether anything is missing at all (ignoring the specific numbers which might be too large) and then calling a supply train which is fully loaded anyway.
  • it is not suited to eg check the whole perimeter of your main base how many walls are missing and should be produced (that's what i tried to do :-) but maybe by dividing the result by 2 (since those roboports overlap only by a little more than exactly a factor of 2, it can still be used for this purpose.
  • the mod internally seems to add an invisible combinator to each roboport that merges its output onto the existing vanilla signal from the roboport. this is probably not important while using the roboports, but when blueprining them an additional item without icon shows up, and that should probably not be deleted as some kind of "junk in the blueprint" (like landscape tiles or similar which i sometimes have to clean up when i include floors). a proper name (and maybe also icon) that clearly shows the purpose of this entity in a blueprint would be nice.
2 years ago

Hey Anson
Well, many thanks for the feedback.
First of all, I am aware about the blueprint issue, it will be fixed in the next version. Unfortunately, I have problems with my libraries, and for consistency reasons, I cannot release a debug until everything has been fixed. Hopefully, soon!!!
For the rest, Let say I am too tired tonight to do it, but I will read your comments for the info carefully, and update it accordingly.
Many thanks again for taking such time!

2 years ago

no problem, since it is no gamebreaking (or mod-breaking) problem, but only some "cosmetics",
and maybe a little more info could also convince more than the current 96 people to download it,
give it a try and use it instead of yet another reskinned combinator that does the same as many others :-)

btw: it's an advantage and disadvantage at the same time that it only scans the area of a single roboport instead of the entire network, depending on the application and what people need. thus I'm not asking to modify this, but only suggesting to document it for easier use.

1 year, 11 months ago

Thank you so much for this post. This mod was completely mystifying me and I almost uninstalled it because I couldn't get it to work.

1 year, 1 month ago

I could not make it work even with the tips. The roboport looks different from vanilla (I think - has red and green wires) but it only outputs the vanilla signals, in both modes of operation, on both color wires.

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