adds bigger islands that spawn in the ocean. Requires the Island map preset!

3 years ago
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
3 years ago
Latest Version:
0.1.1 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
1618 times

Spawns islands in the ocean, when using the new island map type.

In vanilla factorio, the island map type creates on island in the center (and additional ones per starting location).
However i wanted to have multiple smaller islands, to connect with ships.
Also i wanted bigger islands than created by
So i created this mod that does this. It creates islands in the background and then copies them to the surface once they are ready.

To use this mod you have to use the elevation preset "island", otherwise it won't make sense and probably nothing happens.
You can configure some mod settings:

minimum and maximum island size (same logic as the island size slider in normal factorio)
minimum and maximum guaranteed chunk distance to other islands
global chance for a chunk to be considered a candidate for an island (you can probably leave this number as is)
chance for an island to be biter-free
an override to force chunk creation, which adds lag but creates them a bit faster

Due to how this mod is done, island creation is slow in the background; they appear later. this can take minutes per island.
So the recommended way to explore terrain is to use radars.
This mod adds a long-range radar for normal gameplay with a very high range (but doesn't reveal nearby chunks).
Also a cheaty extra fast radar is added for mod setting testing or showcases.

Don't try to explore the terrain fast with planes or ships, rather wait for the radars to reveal everything at some point.
Otherwise your char may get deleted if an island appears right where you are and you would have to cheat yourself back.
if you use cheats like
/c game.forces.player.chart(game.player.surface, {lefttop = {x = -1024, y = -1024}, rightbottom = {x = 1024, y = 1024}})
to reveal the map, islands may first look glitched out. They are not, but it takes a while until the map is updated properly.
Use radars instead.

Its possible that the mod adds some lag; for me i had stable 60fps/ups during testing but it does adds some script load (until everything is revealed and generated, after that nothing).
Every once in a while when an island is finished there is a lag spike.
Tested with Alien biomes, which works fine. I did not test with RSO myself but it was reported to be working.