Recipe Requester Chest

Set the logistics of a requester chest or buffer chest to a recipe. Can also be used to block logistic robots from delivering items until finished setting up a requester.

2 years ago
0.17 - 1.1
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
4 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.1 (2 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
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Set a requester or buffer chest to request ingredients for a recipe. Simple to use. (See FAQ if needed)

Possible uses: One-time crafts of "so many" things. Request 2-4 recipes worth, place some assemblers, let them work. For hand crafting: to make say, 10 beacons, request 10 beacons worth of ingredients, wait for everything to show up, and when the box is full, pick up the chest. Other simple use: just make crafting slow things a little easier. No need to specify each ingredient, set it to a few recipes worth and let it work, instead of working out how much 5 crafts is, or having a stack of 100 blue chips sitting in a chest doing nothing.

Same stuff as readme.txt:

1. Set the last request slot to the recipe you want to make. Note: as of Factorio 1.1 slot 20 must be used. Chests with <20 slots won't work.
2. Set the request count to multiply the amount of ingredients to request

3. close the gui (close/exit the chest)
4. if it's the wrong recipe, set the last slot again to the same request count. It will cycle to the next available recipe, or loop back to the first.

If an item has no recipe, there will be no change to the chest (last slot is cleared). Any other request changes the recipe and clears previous requests.

If a recipe is missing or there's too many, see the end of control.lua. There is a table of patterns to limit the recipes. Also try the start-up setting to log what's being used.

Version 0.1.0 ignored names:

  local recipe_patterns_to_ignore = {