Rampant, fixed

Based on Rampant (new AI and enemies). ATTENTION!!: <New enemies> are ENABLED by default and replace the standard ones. 1. Focused on playing with new enemies and, if desired, other enemies 2. Much more diverse active enemy factions (above 15% evo). Nests can mutate over time 3. AI is more active in the initial and middle stages of the game

10 days ago
CC 4.0 BY-NC
8 months ago
Latest Version:
1.2.4 (10 days ago)
Factorio version:
5228 times

Since version 1.1.15 hand flamethrowers can't cause massive forest fire. You can allow it, if disable setting "Optimization: fire safety of hand flamethrowers".

Comparison of Rampant 3 and Rampant Fixed
General provisions:
Both mods use 90% of the same objects and data, so that a free transition between them in both directions is possible. During the transition, a rapid mutation of nests is possible, you can get something dangerous next to you, so it is not recommended to abuse it.
During the transition, there will be a temporary cessation of attacks to collect data and recalculate the map (data is stored in each mod separately)

Mods use different attack generation and settlement algorithms. The numerical characteristics of the enemies are different.

It is better to choose a Rampant if:
1. The first time you see a Rampant and just want more active enemies.
2. you want to play without the enabled new enemies, or is it enough for you to fight against 2-3 factions at the same time.
3. you are satisfied with the opponent who captures the map step by step and then proceeds to destroy the player's base
4. you prefer to deal with a slow but tenacious opponent

Fixed version is recommended if you:
1. you don't want to have a map completely covered with nests
2. want to face various factions at the same time
3. want to combine the enemies of Rampant with the enemies of other mods
4. ready to quickly change tactics in the battles for the map, depending on the combination of enemies
5. ready to eventually design a defense with many types of damage
6. ready for combat in the early and middle game

Лучше выбрать Рампант если:
1. В первый раз видите Рампант или просто хотите более активных врагов.
2. Вы хотите играть без включенных новых врагов или вам достаточно бороться против 2-3 видов одновременно.
3. Вас устраивает противник, который шаг за шагом захватывает карту, а затем приступает к уничтожению базы игрока
4. Предпочитаете иметь дело с медлительным, но упорным противником

Фиксед версия рекомендуется, если:
1. Вы не хотите, чтобы карта была полностью покрыта гнездами
2. Вы желаете противостоять разнообразным фракциям одновременно
3. Хотите совместить врагов Рампанта с врагами прочих модов
4. Готовы быстро менять тактику в сражениях за карту в зависимости от комбинации врагов
5. Готовы в итоге спроектировать оборону с многими типами урона
6. Готовы к боям в начальной и средней стадии

What's new
1. Redesigned: attack generation - frequency depends on the number of nests, strength - on evolution. Standard attack and settlement squads are not intercepted by the AI in the fixed version
2. Redesigned: improved defence assessment - AI units will, if possible, bypass the defence
3. Feature: AI will use the possibilities of the world against the player by purposefully settling into the pollution zone
4. It is possible to play with mods that add their enemy nests, if you allow it in the launch settings

New enemies:
1. New: the map is now "alive" - the factions mutate into each other, their bases strengthen over time. Bases have a level - the initial set of factions depends on it (mutates), the survivability of nests. Some bases give a "level handicap" regarding the level of evolution
2. New: Added smooth attributes scalling per level (no more lvl 1 = 15hp, lvl 2 = 15 hp, lvl 3 = 15 hp, lvl 4 = 75 hp, , lvl 5 = 75 hp, lvl 6 =150 hp)
3. Сountermeasures against "cheat" protection systems (for example, "plasma-turret" from bob-warfare) - the "oneshot protection" property and "immunity to ultra-long-range" attacks in some factions, resistance to plasma damage
4. Redesigned: the features of the factions are more pronounced. For example, the spitters of the fire faction now attack with a jet of fire. Suicide bitters are fast, they breed quickly.
5. Rebalance: the damage of the biters is greatly reduced (from 15 to 5 on level 1). The efficiency of the consumed pollution / unit strength increases with each level. At level 1, the units are 2 times weaker than the standard ones. At 50% evo of their strength is equalized
6. Added resistance to laser and electricity to standard types of armor
7. Rebalance: T2 factions appear with 15% of evolution (it was with 30%). Strong factions (for example, with physical resistance, inferno,), appear on higher tiers. All types of enemies are available from about 60%