Rampant, fixed

Based on Rampant 1.1.1 (new AI and enemies) ATTENTION!!: <New enemies> are ENABLED by default. <New enemies> will replace enemies from other mods. Since version 1.0.11 added support for other enemies. To do this, enable the <allow other enemies> parameter. Enemies with their own AI (example: enemy race manager) are not supported - their work may be incorrect. 1. Redesigned AI (not necessarily the presence of pollution, multiple fixes, rebalance) 2. Redesigned enemy factions.

3 days ago
CC 4.0 BY-NC
7 days ago
Latest Version:
1.0.12 (3 days ago)
Factorio version:
300 times

Based on Rampant 1.1.1 (Veden):
Improves the enemies tactics by using potential fields/pheromones allowing probing of defenses, retreats, reinforcements, counterattacking, breaching, raids, rallying death cry, and player hunting. Uses non-homing blockable biter projectiles. Adds new Enemies (disabled by default).

ATTENTION!!: <New enemies> are ENABLED by default. <New enemies> will replace enemies from other mods

What's new
1. Redesigned: attack generation - frequency depends on the number of nests, strength - on evolution
2. Redesigned: the activity of nests depends on the number of buildings and distance, does not depend on pollution
3. Redesigned: siege mode - now the AI will actually settle next to the player and attack from there
4. Fixes: loss of units, missing chunks when generating attacks, missing nests (attacks were not generated), a sharp drop in performance when the player is near the nests, the absence of attacks in many cases

New enemies:
1. New: the map is now "alive" - the factions mutate into each other, their bases strengthen over time. Bases have a level - the initial set of factions depends on it (mutates), the survivability of nests. Some bases give a "level handicap" regarding the level of evolution
2. New: Added smooth attributes scalling per level (no more lvl 1 = 15hp, lvl 2 = 15 hp, lvl 3 = 15 hp, lvl 4 = 75 hp, , lvl 5 = 75 hp, lvl 6 =150 hp)
3. –°ountermeasures against "cheat" protection systems (for example, "plasma-turret" from bob-warfare) - the "oneshot protection" property and "immunity to ultra-long-range" attacks in some factions, resistance to plasma damage
4. Redesigned: the features of the fractions are more pronounced. For example, the spitters of the fire faction now attack with a jet of fire. Suicide bitters are fast, they breed quickly.
5. Rebalance: the damage of the biters is greatly reduced (from 15 to 5 on level 1). The efficiency of the consumed pollution / unit strength increases with each level. At level 1, the units are 2 times weaker than the standard ones. At 50% evo of their strength is equalized
6. Added resistance to laser and electricity to standard types of armor
7. Rebalance: T2 factions appear with 15% of evolution (it was with 30%). Strong fractions (for example, with physical resistance, inferno,), appear on higher tiers. All types of enemies are available from about 60%
8. Fixed: deleting of nests during generation (Rampant)