by Veden
Improves the enemies tactics by using potential fields/pheromones allowing probing of defenses, retreats, reinforcements, counterattacking, breaching, raids, rallying death cry, and player hunting. Uses non-homing blockable biter projectiles. Adds new Enemies (disabled by default). Can completely replace the vanilla AI. Difficulty setting in mod options menu.
24 days ago
0.13 - 0.18

b Unrecoverable Error

- 8 months ago

Base Game Current Version: 0.17.47 (Build 45537, win64, Steam)
Rampant Mod Current Version: 0.17.26
Map Evolution Level: Approx 88.7 - Phase 1
Rampant installed from the Start: Yes

Error: Pic linked below

The mod Rampant caused a non-recoverable error.
Please report this error to the Mod author.

Error while running event Rampant::on_nth_tick(41)
Rampant/libs/SquadAttack.lua:162:attempt to index local 'position' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
Rampant/libs/SquadAttack.lua:165:in function 'settleMove'
Rampant/libs/SquadAttack.lua:334:in function 'squadsDispatch'
Rampant/control.lua.534:in function

Description of actions at time of crash:
This error has happened to me twice, first time it happened when we put down a Mk2 Radar in our world and expanded our map view further. After that we rolled our map back to an earlier save, and things were going fine until my buddy was out exploring the map, got close too where we believed an alien base or two were and the same error occurred again. If we attempt to reload the save my friend created when my server crashed, it immediately throws that error again and kicks us back to the menu. I am not sure if the same amount of time had passed between the prior saves and the error occurring.

What I hope for:
Advice on how to fix locally or a work around would be great in the interim, ultimately a patch/bug fix would be best. I'd prefer not to have to pull the mod if I can.

Custom World Generation: Yes
Mods Installed: Way to many to list, see attached mod-list in link below.

File and Image Attachments:

Mod List -

Screen Shot of Error -

- 6 months ago

should be fixed in the latest