by Veden
Improves the enemies tactics by using potential fields/pheromones allowing probing of defenses, retreats, reinforcements, counterattacking, breaching, raids, rallying death cry, and player hunting. Uses non-homing blockable biter projectiles. Adds new Enemies (disabled by default). Can completely replace the vanilla AI. Difficulty setting in mod options menu.
10 days ago
0.13 - 0.18


Version: 0.18.5
Date: 14. 3. 2020
    - Added on hit damage for biters include filter for fire
    - Increased range of visible size of enemy units
    - Full map scan has been re-enabled by default to ensure eventaual map consistency
    - Decreased sticker movement speed reduction and removed friction modifier from vehicle
    - Vehicles are less slowed then the character on foot for stickers
    - Added setting to enable units affected_by_tiles (As of 0.18.15, this setting can cause desyncs)
    - Fixed splash damage with friendly fire disabled not affecting neutral objects
    - Fixed rally flag being set by the wrong function
    - Fixed mod settings getting recalculated for rampant arsenal and rampant resources
    - Fixed desyncs around units having affected_by_tiles set to true (boskid)
    - Combined enemy structure query in full map scan

Version: 0.18.4
Date: 2. 2. 2020
    - Unit groups created by factorio when shelling spawners are now converted to Rampant squads
    - Re-added removed settings that were actual used with Rampant
    - Potential squad getting stuck on impassable terrain

Version: 0.18.3
Date: 1. 2. 2020
    - Fixed scaler settings not applying to worms or unit spawners
    - Added scaler settings for hives
    - Increased Hive spawn times by 1.75
    - Removed settings that were unused with Rampant
    - Fixed removing factions during play

Version: 0.18.2
Date: 1. 2. 2019
    - RuZZone - Updated to 18.2 fixing engine breaking changes
    - Added blood effects on damaged for new enemies
    - Added water reflections for new biters and spitters
    - Fixed blood fountains not finding updated particles
    - removed water effect from blood particles
    - Reduced pollution to attack for vanilla AI on Rampant New Enemies

Version: 0.17.32
Date: 24. 12. 2019
    - Billbo99 - Energy thief crystal next_upgrade was not getting set to nil.
    - script_raised_revive was not being listened for (AMCH0507) (https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Rampant/discussion/5e02758ead17f4000c086b7b)

Version: 0.17.31
Date: 19. 12. 2019
    - Added setting to revert enemy map color change

Version: 0.17.30
Date: 17. 12. 2019
    - Hive buildings not getting swapped out correctly
    - Hive and Spawner spawning cooldown was using wrong start and end values

Version: 0.17.29
Date: 15. 12. 2019
  Optional Graphics:
    - New Hi and Low resolution graphics for Troll and Physical Factions biters, armored biters (Thanks to CybranM, requires downloading separate mod Armoured Biters)
    - Hives that can produce unit spawners, turrets, or more hives. Typically appear on resources patches.
    - Pathfinding now looks two steps ahead
    - Squad formation now has a gathering delay to allow all members to make the initial group
    - Better tracking of squads on chunks to accommodate the two step path finding
    - Collision checker for squads and squad movement from a container to a unit
    - Attack waves should generate more localized squad formations, so that biters appear to attack from all sides less
    - New AI temperament system
    - Spawner pollution coverage detection
    - Acid biter melee attack now leaves acid puddle
    - Reduced size of new enemy lower tiers
    - Onslaught AI setting and aiAggressiveness setting removed
    - Increased minimum unit count for a retreat from 3 to 6
    - Biters and Spitters now are affected by tile modifiers
    - Nerfed inferno spitter fire damage and duration to reasonable levels
    - Buffed suicide biters damage and health
    - Nerfed poison biters cloud damage and duration
    - Added blood color to match new enemy color
    - Added blood explosions to each new enemy
    - Nuclear biters have more visual explosions
    - Changed poison biter death cloud to be generated using dying_trigger_effect
    - Reduced sticker damage and duration everywhere
    - Switched general spit projectile from direction only to positional targeting
    - Added spit projectile stickers to tooltip
    - Default for new enemies spit projectile stickers damage reduced by half
    - Spawner spitter and worm eggs now damage the immediate area around the egg
    - Acid pools no longer cause friendly fire
    - Prioritize settler group creation over attack squads
    - Biter faction color should match map color now
    - Increased unit spawner spawning time by 3x
    - Better object reuse for squad and pending attack, creating less garbage
    - Trimmed table creation where possible
    - Regrouping squads and builder clean up put onto separate intervals
    - Reusing chunk scanner tables
    - Fixed spawner egg and wasp size being larger than intended
    - Fixed old savegames penalties having nil chunk index
    - Fixed that mining a resource by hand unregister all remaining resource on a tile
    - Fixed pheromone dispersal not following pathing restrictions
    - Fixed chunk scan and player building pheromone generator mismatch
    - Fixed ai credits being uncapped and accumulating more than Max Credits available for that evolution level
    - Fixed retreating squads being adding to squad set multiple times
    - Fixed retreating squads not waiting long enough to assemble all units before movement
    - Fixed spitter max projectile range could cause a spitter to attack but not hit a target
    - Fixed non retreating group formation not having a distraction modifier
    - Fixed icon size not being set energy thief drain crystal
    - Fixed new enemies attacks following naming levels instead effective levels
    - New spawner enemies color mask should fit much better now
    - Fixed blood particle size not increasing with tiers
    - Fixed enemy volume not changing based on tier
    - Fixed Nuclear and Suicide spawners instantly spawning low level units
    - Fixed Physical and troll spawner and worm scales
    - Fixed chunk processing not checking chunk generation status
    - Bobs enemies and Natural Evolution Enemies no longer able to be active with Rampant's new enemies
    - Cleaned up new enemy creation
    - Dropped support for 5 tier new enemy configuration
    - Changed default blood particle removal optimization to off
    - Added interop function that allows other mods to set the active surface for the AI processing
    - License change from Apache2 to CC BY-NC 4.0

Version: 0.17.28
Date: 8. 17. 2019
    - Fixed uninitialized enemy seed lookup

Version: 0.17.27
Date: 8. 16. 2019
    - Fixed settle move position error
    - Fixed gaussianRandom having min greater than max causing hangs

Version: 0.17.26
Date: 5. 14. 2019
    - Choumiko - Added event hooks for script_built and script_destroyed events
    - Disabled full map scan by default in favor of script_built and script_destroyed events. If a mod does not use these events and creates or destroys entities through scripts, you may need to re-enable this feature in the mod map settings under Compatibility: enable full map scan.
    - Added a check for script created resources in the script_built and script_destroyed events
    - When a squad is destroyed its last few chunk moves now receive a portion of the death generator pheromone from the chunk they died on
    - Removed unused mapping tables
    - Chunk properties now use <= instead of == when checking for minimum allowed values
    - Increased death pheromone generator amount to 1300
    - Increased retreat levels by 30%
    - Increased raiding base activition threshold to 550
    - Decreased minimum cooldown time for attack waves in aggressive state to 30 seconds
    - Reduced all player generator values by half
    - Memory leak with settlers last tick map
    - Multiple version of chunks where in the processing queue causing double processing issues with a duplicate context

Version: 0.17.25
Date: 5. 8. 2019
    - Added lite mode which causes the mod to run with a lower UPS cost by making the ai scan and process the game map slower
    - Reduced default spitter projectile AOE damage by 25%
    - Added default spitter projectile direct damage for 1/3 damage of AOE, spitters don't get stopped by trees now with friendly fire disabled
    - Renamed nest to spawner in unit-spawner prototypes
    - Normalized player building pheromone generation into six groups 50, 200, 1000, 2000, 3500, 12000
    - Increased player process tick interval to 63
    - Refactored player building scoring

Version: 0.17.24
Date: 5. 3. 2019
    - Added interop functions for getSettlerCooldown and getSettlerWaveSize
    - Increased spitter projectile acceleration to 0.02
    - Increased spitter projectile starting speed to 0.6
    - Added projectile lead with default spitter and worm projectiles
    - Switched to water-tile collision mask in chunk scanning for surface queries
    - Added checks to spitter puddles on water so they dont happen
    - Reduced the settler standard deviation to 1/3 of the wave size
    - Fixed settler cooldown increasing with evolution as opposed to decreasing

Version: 0.17.23
Date: 4. 30. 2019
    - Added support for lighted-big-poles for safety
    - Fixed interop register unit group not actually registering new squad

Version: 0.17.22
Date: 4. 24. 2019
    - Normalized unit 10 tier evolution spawns ((1, 0%) -> (2, 30%) -> (3, 40%) -> (4, 50%) -> (5, 60%) -> (6, 70%) -> (7, 80%) -> (8, 85%) -> (9, 90%) -> (10, 93%))
    - Normalized unit 5 tier evolution spawns ((1, 0%) -> (2, 40%) -> (3, 60%) -> (4, 70%) -> (5, 90%))
    - Decreased default new enemy physical decrease for (level, newVal) (1, 1) (3, 3) (7, 8) (8, 10)
    - Changed default unit tiers to 10
    - Changed aggressive AI state to spawn unit groups with 1 to 3 minutes between groups, (raid, onslaught, siege, and migration still can mass spawn)
    - Fixed random tick generator not being uniform over provided range
    - Fixed AI migration state not respecting peaceful surfaces

Version: 0.17.21
Date: 4. 21. 2019
    - Fixed 1 and 2 levels of biters instantly spawning due to 0 spawn time modifier

Version: 0.17.20
Date: 4. 19. 2019
    - Spawner faction spit spawned biters now lose life over time
    - Added mod setting that causes biter projectiles to no longer collide with other biters but still collides everything else
    - Doubled all spawner faction spit spawned biters health (30,60,90,120,150,180,220,500,1000,2000)
    - Fixed unkillable construction robot settings not clearing and setting new resistance table

Version: 0.17.19
Date: 4. 08. 2019
    - Fixed energy thief faction buildings not being hidden from filter bar

Version: 0.17.18
Date: 4. 08. 2019
    - Fixed missing mod variables due to an internal update not taking place

Version: 0.17.17
Date: 4. 07. 2019
    - When settlers start building they will clear the immediate area of colliding neutral objects
    - Added initial pause when forming squads allowing members time to group
    - Fixed settlers groups being in a finished state when building

Version: 0.17.16
Date: 4. 07. 2019
    - Reduced biter AoE damage by 25%
    - Added biter direct target damage in the amount of 1/3 of the AoE damage
    - Reduced the average distance settlers travel by 50%
    - Fixed biters not being able to kill neutral objects

Version: 0.17.15
Date: 4. 06. 2019
    - Split enable swarm setting and shrink nest + worm
    - Fixed mod setting breathing and enable swarm not using correct valueu

Version: 0.17.14
Date: 4. 05. 2019
    - Added mod setting to directly affect ai aggressiveness
    - Added mod setting to toggle construction bot and logistic being immune to all damage
    - Killing spawners cause the ai to gain points to spawn up to 1 squads per nest
    - Killing worms cause the ai to gain points to spawn up to 0.5 squads per worm
    - Increased new enemies default scale for levels 7+ by 0.2
    - Increased new enemies troll and physical scale for levels 6+ by 0.2

Version: 0.17.13
Date: 3. 28. 2019
    - Fixed bobs and NE find non colliding error

Version: 0.17.12
Date: 3. 27. 2019
    - Changed new enemy unit spawning probabilities to follow a gaussian distribution over the level of the nest, so lower level nest spawn lower level enemies longer.
    - Increased new enemy building spacing
    - Added a collision box reduction to all nests and worm turrets of 50% on the mod setting Enable the Swarm.
    - Fixed spitter pollution to attack numbers

Version: 0.17.10
Date: 3. 17. 2019
    - Fixed vanilla spawner autoplace requirement
    - Fixed unit spawner breath setting only working if new enemies is checked

Version: 0.17.9
Date: 3. 16. 2019
    - Updated spit graphics to 0.17 version
    - Updated spit effects and damages to 0.17 vanilla
    - Allow mod settings toggle between blockable and unblockable projectiles for vanilla
    - Switched wasp drones to blockable projectiles
    - Added AOE to melee attacks based on size
    - Switch new enemies over to acid splash from vanilla
    - Updated stickers to work on vehicles
    - Added lead targeting to inferno biters
    - Added acid puddle slowdown from vanilla as default spitter attack effect
    - Added damaging acid puddle slowdown from vanilla as default worm attack effect
    - Added damaging acid puddle slowdown from vanilla on acid faction
    - Removed bob blockable projectile logic
    - Removed force old projectiles setting option
    - Changed color of spawner egg and wasp drone
    - Added better explosion effect to troll and physical worms
    - Increased on wasp range from spitter by 6
    - Fixed troll spitters having a homing projectile
    - Fixed spitters changing color when attacking
    - Fixed biter attacks getting bonuses from player research
    - Fixed suicide biter level 9 and 10 wouldn't die when they attacked
    - Fixed physical and troll worm turrets having incorrect health values
    - Fixed physical and troll nests having incorrect health values
    - Fixed more damage then expected on enemy projectiles

Version: 0.17.8
Date: 3. 14. 2019
    - Added some basic description of the faction to the mod settings description for each faction
    - Added rough approximation of health per tier to mod settings start and end tiers
    - Updated enemy variations description to better describe what it does for randomness per tier
    - Increased spawner egg life 2-10 (100->120, 110->120, 110->170, 120->170, 120->200, 130->200, 130->250, 140->300, 140->350)
    - Fixed spelling from 0.17.12 factorio
    - Fixed upcoming emissions_per_tick to emissions_per_second

Version: 0.17.7
Date: 3. 12. 2019
    - Added setting for unit spawners breathing air to allow poison capsules to affect them

Version: 0.17.6
Date: 3. 12. 2019
    - Reworked base upgrade system
    - Increased max evolution level for new biters from 95% to 97%
    - Decreased distance to evolution from 1/7200 to 1/9600
    - Normalized evolution requirement for Neutral faction 1-9 (0.08->0, 0.16->0.1, 0.24->0.2, 0.35->0.3, 0.4->0.4, 0.45->0.5, 0.55->0.6, 0.65->0.7, 0.75->0.8)
    - Increased evolution requirement for levels 2+ by 2% per tier on Acid, Electric, Fire, Laser, Physical
    - Increased evolution requirement for levels 2+ by 5% per tier on Energy Thief, Inferno, Poison, Troll, Wasp
    - Increased evolution requirement for levels 2+ by 7% per tier on Nuclear, Spawner, Suicide
    - readded acid splash purple for spitter attacks
    - Fixed nest and worms incorrectly being upgraded resulting in lost entities
    - Fixed NE and Bobs faction alignments being correctly selected

Version: 0.17.5
Date: 3. 10. 2019
    - Added robot on pre cliff destroy to invoke a passability scan on the chunk
    - Fixed cliff explosive error due to removed code fragment
    - Fixed expansion being forced on for testing
    - Fixed process scan chunk process removing potentially incorrect chunk from processing

Version: 0.17.4
Date: 3. 5. 2019
    - Increased chunk processing from 825 to 1020 chunks
    - Settler groups now occasionally disregard everything to reach a spot to build a base, instead of attacking player or buildings
    - Reworked attack move commands and settle move commands
    - Reduced full chunk scan threshold for water from 0.4 to 0.25
    - Removed old map path finder settings
    - Added new find position centered flag to positions searches
    - Adjusted new enemy worm ranges to vanilla levels
    - Added kill_all_units on first add with new enemies for nest and worm space
    - Increased migration ai state to 10%
    - Removed attack wave message
    - Decreased max squads from 40 to 35
    - Increased squad movement penalty from 10000 to 300000
    - Balanced squad movement distance between straight and diagonals
    - Increased find path location entity size to 2x2 for better position resolution
    - Added exponential growth to squad movement penalties
    - Improved squad processing and squad cleanup
    - Refactored chunk utilities
    - Refactored unit group utilities
    - Fixed player pheromone not having highest value on chunk player was on
    - Fixed settlers not being able to see chunks with resources on them
    - Fixed retreat command not disengaging biters
    - Fixed Poison faction poison death cloud crash
    - Fixed new enemies newly built settlements not creating nests or worms
    - Fixed find new enemy faction base by distance
    - Fixed base recycling
    - Fixed base alignment deadzone ttl and usage
    - Fixed squad movement penalty lookup
    - Fixed orphaned unit group recycling
    - Fixed retreat scoring causing retreat location to be on player buildings

Version: 0.17.3
Date: 2. 28. 2019
    - Fixed NE enemies version numbering change

Version: 0.17.2
Date: 2. 27. 2019
    - Readded renamed or missing assets

Version: 0.17.1
Date: 2. 27. 2019
    - Fixed bobs enemies integration

Version: 0.17.0
Date: 2. 26. 2019
    - Added thumbnail
    - Updated to 0.17
    - Synced worm vanilla to worm template
    - Synced spawner vanilla to spawner template
    - Changed ground shakes warning message to off by default
    - For now, acid-splash-purple replaced explosion
    - Require statement path changes
    - Removed unused chunk scanner entity causing load errors
    - Removed acid splash spitter and worm decal as it no longer exist
    - Fixed 0.17.2 hide-from-bonus-gui

Version: 0.16.42
Date: 2. 18. 2019
    - Reworked how nests are activated by pollution, player, and base pheromone for better nest tracking
    - Reworked chunk passability to only look for water or cliffs for impassable terrain
    - Removed use pollution map setting
    - Removed min and max attack threshold settings
    - Increased max squad count from 30 to 40
    - Reverted pheromone projection
    - Reverted settings default player threshold to 7
    - Fixed radial pattern sort not being trigger on map rebuild

Version: 0.16.41
Date: 2. 18. 2019
    - Enemy level maxes have changed what was 10 is now roughly equal to 8
    - Added energy thief crystal and pylon physical resistance 25%
    - Increased crystal pylon health from 150 to 750
    - Decreased electric and energy thiefs faction damages (7->6, 15->10, 22.5->15, 35->20, 45->30, 60->45, 75->60, 90->75, 150->90, 200->150)
    - Decreased energy thief beam width (1.5->1, 1.5->1, 1.6->1.2, 1.6->1.2, 1.7->1.3, 1.7->1.3, 1.8->1.4, 1.8->1.4, 1.9->1.5, 1.9->1.5)
    - Decreased energy thief range (11->9, 11->9, 12->10, 12->10, 13->11, 13->11, 14->12, 14->12, 15->13, 15->13)
    - Decreased crystal pylon resistances for fire, electric, laser from 100, 100, 100 to 85, 95, 90
    - Added energy drain to crystal pylon of 500kW
    - Increased drain crystal drain amount from 300kW per tier to 1.3MW
    - Increased drain crystal health from 100 per tier to 400 per tier
    - Increased all biter default health for levels 5 to 10 (400->1000, 750->2000, 1500->3500, 3000->7500, 5000->15000, 10000->30000)
    - Increased physical and troll biter default health for levels 5 to 10 (800->1500, 1500->3000, 3000->5000, 6000->12000, 10000->20000, 20000->40000)
    - Increased all spitter default health for levels 5 to 10 (750->1250, 1000->2250, 1500->3250, 2500->6500, 4500->12500, 7000->25000)
    - Increased all nests default health for levels 5 to 10 (2500->3500, 3500->7500, 5000->11000, 7000->20000, 10000->30000, 15000->45000)
    - Increased all worms default health for levels 5 to 10 (750->2000, 1000->3500, 1500->7500, 3000->12000, 5000->20000, 9000->25000)
    - Increased nuclear and suicide biter faction health for levels 9 to 10 (3000->5000, 5000->10000)
    - Increased spawner spawned biter faction health for levels 8 to 10 (145->250, 165->500, 180->1000)
    - Fixed a chance that connecting wires on entity death has invalid target
    - Fixed electric turret not being counted for energy thief conversion
    - Fixed pylons not being targeted by turrets

Version: 0.16.40
Date: 2. 16. 2019
    - Switched to numeric value to represent scoring functions

Version: 0.16.39
Date: 2. 15. 2019
    - Reset squad scoring functions and set default scoring function
    - Switched to single instance require statements causing multiple sentinel memory objects

Version: 0.16.38
Date: 2. 14. 2019
    - Fixed squad attack being nil due to timing delay in update

Version: 0.16.37
Date: 2. 10. 2019
    - Added the energy thief faction that will convert powered player structure into electric draining crystals
    - Added the poison faction that when killed creates a damaging toxic cloud
    - Removed unnecessary grouping mechanism when spawner eggs produce units
    - Added individual base faction ai to manage base development
    - During onslaught ai state player building destroyed by biters credits x10 to the biters
    - Increased dispersion projection of pheromone by 20% allowing for further pathing
    - Reworked squad attack scoring to better account for death pheromone
    - Squads that kamikaze may now occasionally disregard death pheromone
    - Maintain sorted chunk array for processing in a radial pattern from origin
    - Hide spawner drones from the bonus gui screen
    - Increased resource pheromone min from 9000 to 15000
    - Increased resource pheromone max from 10000 to 20000
    - Increased retreat pheromone min from 1000 to 10000
    - Increased retreat pheromone max from 17000 to 170000
    - Increased player pheromone multipler from 500 to 2500
    - Increased bad squad movement penalty from 4000 to 10000
    - Increased death pheromone generator from 125 to 750
    - Increased victory pheromone by x3
    - Decreased death pheromone generator persistance from 0.995 to 0.9
    - Decreased death pheromone persistance from 0.99 to 0.975
    - Removed arbitrary player gen multipler in retreat scoring function
    - Increased default setting of player score attack contribution from 7 to 16
    - Added minor resistance to poison to acid faction
    - Added minor resistance to laser to electric faction
    - Added minor resistance to explosion to fast faction
    - Added minor resistance to electric to laser faction
    - Added major resistance to explosion to physical faction
    - Added minor resistance to poison to suicide faction
    - Added minor resistance to physical to troll faction
    - Added minor resistance to explosion to troll faction
    - Added minor weakness to poison to inferno faction
    - Added minor weakness to laser to physical faction
    - Added minor weakness to electric to physical faction
    - Increased general biters physical decrease for levels 7     - 10, (10->11,12->13,14->16,15->17)
    - Increased general biters physical percent for levels 7     - 10, (13->14,13->16,14->18,15->20)
    - Increased general biters explosion decrease for levels 6     - 10, (0->10,10->12,12->14,14->16,15->20)
    - Increased general biters explosion percent for levels 6     - 10, (12->13,13->15,13->16,14->17,15->20)
    - Added general spitters physical decrease for levels 1     - 10, (0,0,0,0,2,4,6,8,10,12)
    - Added general spitters physical percent for levels 1     - 10, (0,0,0,10,12,12,14,14,15,15)
    - Decreased base spawner upgrade from 300 to 250
    - Decreased base worm upgrade from 250 to 200
    - Removed evolution requirement rounding for bobs spawners and ne spawners
    - Fixed pheromone dispersion when non-cardinal directions receiving pheromone when it shouldn't
    - Fixed ai states of migrating and seige when expansion is disabled on the map instead onslaught state happens 10% more in place
    - Fixed retreat score function not using correct player multiplier
    - Fixed kamikaze flag being removed on merged group if mergee group didn't have kamikaze

Version: 0.16.36
Date: 2. 5. 2019
    - Integrated nocturnal mode with siege, migration, and raiding states so they work together now.
    - Swapped scoring function when in siege mode causing the biter lines to actually advance now.
    - Added Onslaught AI state where ai gets 2x credits per logic cycle
    - Reverted nest upgrade chance to 0.05%
    - Increased Biter credits per destroyed building by 10% after fixing 10x credit bug
    - Increased settler unit groups standard deviation by roughly 30%
    - Increased death pheromone persistance from 0.975 to 0.995
    - Fix for squad movement penalties not be boosted alongside building pheromone causes units to repeat movement into chunks more frequently than needed
    - Fix for biter getting 10x credits for destroying buildings causing relentless onslaughts.
    - Fix Siege spelling
    - Updated retreat chunk scoring function to use negative for player and player base generator

Version: 0.16.35
Date: 2. 1. 2019
    - Added options to toggle new enemy factions
    - Randomized base alignment array with map seed so faction distribution changes from map to map
    - Added a setting to disable siege ai state, which may have been causing extra non pollution biter movements
    - Added upgrade path for neutral faction to laser resist faction
    - Removed upgrade path from electric biters to laser resist faction
    - Increased nest upgrade chance from 0.05% to 1.5%
    - Fix for base upgrade framework to leveling nests correctly due to rounding errors in floating percision for lookup
    - Fix for migration toggle setting not preventing the ai migration state
    - Fix for entity upgrades allowing for a evolution decrease instead of start from current evolution requirement

Version: 0.16.34
Date: 10. 19. 2018
    - Reworked dispersion to process pheromone in two phases.
    - Switch to all adjacent neighbors instead of cardinal neighbors for dispersion
    - Reduced chunks process per interval from 400 to 300
    - Increased building pheromone generator by 10x
    - Reduced Retreat pheromone max level from 20000 to 17000
    - Reduced Retreat pheromone min level from 1500 to 1000
    - Increased death generator from 75 to 125
    - Increased movement persistence from 0.875 to 0.975
    - Increased player persistence from 0.98 to 0.97
    - Increased resource persistence from 0.99 to 0.97
    - Fix for unit groups not being able to move off of impassable terrain
    - Fix for incorrect variable name in interop

Version: 0.16.33
Date: 9. 25. 2018
    - Reworked how death pheromone sticks to terrain and how long it is active for
    - Reduced in memory map footprint increasing save speed
    - Fix for unit groups getting stuck in random locations
    - Fix for unit retreats causing excessive retreats due to inverted comparison
    - Fix for unit groups not creating new settlements

Version: 0.16.32
Date: 8. 1. 2018
    - Raiding AI Toggle     - toggles the ai raiding parties from outside your pollution cloud
    - Added a check for waterfill to trigger pass ability scan on affected chunks
    - Lowered base alignment selection threshold from 0.65 to 0.35, causing more variation in the later stages of the game for factions
    - Lowered upgrade entity selection threshold from 0.65 to 0.35, causing more variation in the later stages of the game for spawners and worms
    - Invalid surface index for creative mode blueprinted tiles
    - Surface tile change event wasn't correctly accounting active surface
    - Normalized evolution requirements so when starting at a higher enemy level they are placed at the correct starting distances
    - Fixed NEE compatibility
    - Version upgrade map rebuild will no longer reapply deadzones
    - Parenthesis in the wrong spot in pheromone dispersal algorithm
    - Moved AI toggles to map settings instead of startup settings
    - Changing new biter settings mid game no longer crashes the saves, still can cause entity loss

Version: 0.16.31
Date: 7. 19. 2018
    - MAJOR BUG: fixed typo in inverted filter for processing player buildings and enemy nests, which eventually lead to all aliens going inactive due to invalid targets [https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Rampant/discussion/5b48e84e1495c8000be8f961]
    - For changing start and end enemy level in relation to scaling value error [https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Rampant/discussion/5b4e37227ffb42000a2dc40d]

Version: 0.16.30
Date: 6. 7. 2018
    - Raiding AI state nows requires an evolution of 0.04 before it can trigger
    - Fixed fire biter nest size
    - Fixed Acid spitter resistances to be more inline with vanilla resistances
    - Fixed laser faction not having in-place evolution path from electric biters
    - Fixed range of unit levels being off by one, limiting the max units to level 9 only instead of 10
    - Fixed missing wasp worm drone locale entry
    - Increased troll units scale +0.2
    - Increased troll health regeneration for units by ~3x, spawners and worms by ~7x
    - Increased the lower attribute bound from 0.7 to 0.85
    - Increased the base distance to evolution index ratio from (1 / 5480) to (1 / 7200)
    - Increased the chance that initial base alignment picks a lower tier alignment by 0.15
    - Normalized all enemy faction attributes through the defaults, should be minor unit corrections
    - Refactored new enemy modules
    - Created default attributes for all unit, unit spawner, worms

Version: 0.16.29
Date: 6. 3. 2018
    - Increased ai state min time from 1 to 7 minutes
    - Increased ai state max time from 4 to 17 minutes
    - Increased ai temperament min time from 5 to 25 minutes
    - Increased ai temperament max time from 15 to 32 minutes

Version: 0.16.28
Date: 6. 1. 2018
    - Fixed new enemies setting units and worms to different numbers for variations or tiers causing startup crash

Version: 0.16.27
Date: 5. 23. 2018
    - Changed spawner faction loot drops from green to orange.
    - Changed attack prototype for wasps so it doesn't show up in bonuses bullet gui
    - Changes to player accounting to enable multi player forces in a pvp scenario.
    - Check for battle_surface_1 & 2 used in pvp and store and use discovered surface index.

Version: 0.16.26
Date: 5. 19. 2018
    - Fix for combination of NE and Bobs with non-standard mod settings in relation to alien artifacts.

Version: 0.16.25
Date: 5. 19. 2018
    - Configuration options for scaling biter, spitter, worm, and nests stats by a scaler.
    - Switched passScore per chunk calculation to use the mutli filter query instead of individual calls for tile counts
    - Changed how mod settings are set in memory to prevent missing unit crashes (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=190&t=31445&start=320#p362819)
    - Cleaned up NE and Bobs detection
    - Fixed locale typo in deadZoneFrequency description from with to without(https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=190&t=31445&start=320#p363436)

Version: 0.16.24
Date: 4. 14. 2018
    - Reduced Inferno biters damage at levels 8+
    - Removed all conditional requires in data, data-update, and data-update-final

Version: 0.16.23
Date: 3. 1. 2018
    - Changed nuclear blast damage to scale with tiers and increased explosion count at higher tiers (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=31445&start=260#p346147)
    - Fix for bobs enemies and ne dumb projectiles (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=31445&start=260#p345778)

Version: 0.16.22
Date: 2. 18. 2018
    - AI State Migration, where the ai looks for resources patches to setup new bases
    - AI State Siege, where the ai does a migration event but also builds towards the player and their base
    - Default is vanilla AI is off by default now
    - Death pheromone persistance increased from 0.9 to 0.99
    - Death pheromone per death increased from 600 to 3000
    - Death Retreat threshold switched to linear interpolation between, 2.5 deaths @ 0%, 400 @ 100% evolution
    - Increased player pheromone weight for squad movement from 100 to 500
    - Decreased victory scent multipler from 100000 to 10000
    - Increased ai max stored points from 10000 to 12500
    - Added splitters to be detected by enemies
    - Added added a recycle waypoint threshold for paths that the unit seems to be stuck in a cycle
    - Nests and worms not getting counted correctly when upgrading
    - Fixed getEntityOverlapping chunks returning more than it should have
    - Fixed exportaistate visualizer

Version: 0.16.21
Date: 2. 16. 2018
    - All other robots now take damage from biter projectiles and explosions (https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Rampant/discussion/5a81bd380333a5000c939c7f)
    - Removed unnecessary squad roll during map processing
    - Switched over to the nth tick functions for logic and processing

Version: 0.16.20
Date: 2. 11. 2018
    - Removed squad movement penalty before disband
    - Combat robots now take damage from biter projectiles and explosions
    - Spawner biters are now put into groups after they are spawned
    - Changed pheromone spread to no longer take into account water tiles
    - Added enemy nests to the resource pheromone field as a negative weight
    - Removed Deadzone nests and worms from the internal memory map
    - Fix for unit spawner scaling based on tier (Existing saves will have spawners overlap due to scale increase)
    - Removed movement from spawner egg sacks
    - Fixed local of worm spawner eggs
    - Increased damage spawner spitters take when shooting
    - Increased resource persistance from 0.9 to 0.99
    - Increased base and resource dispersal from 0.3 to 0.35
    - Increased resource generation range from a min of 90 to a min of 900
    - Adjusted unit spawner collision and selection box
    - Reduced spawner biter size
    - Added property garbage collection for certain chunk properties
    - Fixed visualizer selection

Version: 0.16.19
Date: 2. 09. 2018
    - Blockable projectiles, most projectiles will be stop by walls and other objects
    - Rocket launches now agitate biters
    - Added Raiding phase where for a short period of time the ai triggers based on player base proximity for an attack wave to form
    - Switched linear tier generation from rounding using ceiling to nearest number
    - Spawner faction spitters now degrade when attacking and check buildability for units to prevent infinite biter masses when attacking
    - Added a random roll to form biters during map processing to cause a more spread out squad formations
    - Added check for null group (https://github.com/veden/Rampant/issues/16)
    - Added check for null alignment table (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=31445&start=240#p342122)
    - Fix for adaptive factions only adapting one chunk of each faction instead of the whole faction
    - Changed Spawner baseline evolution requirement from 60 to 70%
    - Added interop function for registering unit groups from other mods for Rampant AI management

Version: 0.16.18
Date: 2. 05. 2018
    - Fixed the enemy naming so the enemy tiers can be changed without losing enemies (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=31445&start=240#p340944)
    - Fixed bob enemies load error (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=31445&start=240#p340897)

Version: 0.16.17
Date: 2. 02. 2018
    - Added the Wasp faction, an enemy that throws smaller flying enemies
    - Added the Spawner faction, an enemy that throws egg sack that make biters
    - Added setting to turn off most of the friendly fire for worm and spitter splash damage
    - Changed electric biters to target multiple entities with their beams at a time
    - Changed electric worms to shoot a projectile that explodes into an electrical cluster
    - Added settings for controlling what tier enemies start and end at
    - Changed laser spitters and worms to shoot a projectile that explodes into an laser cluster
    - Added laser resistance to laser worms

Version: 0.16.16
Date: 1. 31. 2018
    - Added support for NE Buildings artifacts
    - Switched biter clump scanner to chunk based search for roughly constant performance
    - Potential desync fix relating to squads
    - unitGroup being nil (https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Rampant/discussion/5a72832d3b14f30009910dce)
    - Squads not being deallocated for chunks when group is no longer valid
    - Fix for 5 tier of units resulted in only the larva class
    - Increased player base pheromone generation by 10 times
    - Increased retreat threshold max from 10000 to 18000
    - Increased the spread of player base pheromone from 0.25 to 0.30 (this is only for pathfinding)
    - Increased the generation of player pheromone from 150 to 300
    - Increased the death pheromone from enemys from 500 to 600
    - Increased the player aggro distance from 4 chunks to just over 5 chunks
    - Changing squads on a chunk to a map instead of an array

Version: 0.16.15
Date: 1. 29. 2018
    - Fixed NE and bobs integration
    - Increased base processing passes from every 5 to 2 seconds

Version: 0.16.14
Date: 1. 28. 2018
    - Fixed inverted check for bobs and ne (https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Rampant/discussion/5a6ec83c1650e7000ee173b2)

Version: 0.16.13
Date: 1. 28. 2018
    - Fixed load error for mod dependencies (https://github.com/veden/Rampant/issues/15)

Version: 0.16.12
Date: 1. 28. 2018
    - Fixed an error where item could be nil (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=31445&start=240#p339033)
    - Added support for bobs and NE artifacts
    - Added options to include Bobs or NE as factions

Version: 0.16.11
Date: 1. 27. 2018
    - A a null check for nil'ed squad groups (https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Rampant/discussion/5a6d09cb9a95f7000b165865)
    - Added setting options for changing tiers and variations to allow for a smaller memory footprint

Version: 0.16.10
Date: 1. 27. 2018
    - Fixed missing function in surfaceTileChange call (https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Rampant/discussion/5a6cf2ff68436500096b638b)

Version: 0.16.9
Date: 1. 27. 2018
    - Fixed uninitialized kamikazeThreshold
    - Fixed that deadzones wouldn't expire allowing for resettling

Version: 0.16.8
Date: 1. 26. 2018
    - Fixed on_tick empty interval (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=31445&start=220#p338531)

Version: 0.16.7
Date: 1. 26. 2018
    - Reduced the number of trivial smoke created to 4 from ~20
    - Turned off new enemies by default
    - Set default number of enemy variations per tier to 1

Version: 0.16.6
Date: 1. 25. 2018
    - Generated enemies for a large variety of things to battle
    - Evolving bases now get stronger over time and specialize their units
    - Creates areas clear of biters
    - Fixed a cause where squads could get stuck on hard to pass terrain
    - Increased squad movement penalty before removal from 8000 to 10000

Version: 0.16.5
Date: 1. 24. 2018
    - Fix from Pxanych for calculatekamikazethreshold passing table instead of a number

Version: 0.16.4
Date: 1. 23. 2018
    - Fix for invalid ai max squad variable reference

Version: 0.16.3
Date: 1. 13. 2018
    - Fixed creative mode tile wand robot error (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=31445&start=220&hilit=rampant#p335574)
    - Fix from CyaNox for build tile positions to array of tiles change in factorio 0.16.17
    - Removed squad limit
    - Squads converted from vanilla control receive immediate kamikaze roll
    - Units not under a unit group, now get a kamikaze roll before being put into a retreating squad
    - Reworked squad regrouping to be surrounding chunks instead comparing against master list
    - Add squads to chunk map for faster location sensitive lookups

Version: 0.16.2
Date: 1. 2. 2018
    - Fixed invalid function call due to a function renaming

Version: 0.16.1
Date: 1. 1. 2018
    - Artillery shell impacts cause biter squads to form and prevents the single file line of retaliation
    - Unit spawners now rally troops when they die
    - Cliffs and impassable areas due to object density have been added to the pathfinder
    - Terrain that is dynamically altered (landfilled, cleared of trees, cleared of cliffs) will be accounted for now
    - Added artillery turret to buildings that emit pheromones
    - Increased kamikaze frequency by increasing the chance to roll for Kamikaze from 70% to 100%
    - Switch scanning for cliffs, resources, and tiles to event based instead of polling
    - Reduced number of table allocations when working with squads
    - fixed changelog so it shows up in-game interface
    - Added checks for correct surface before processing build events
    - Created visualler for viewing internal Rampant ai game state

Version: 0.16.0
Date: 13. 12. 2017
    - Updated info.json
    - Fixed broken icon size prototypes
    - Fixed create-smoke calls
    - Fixed perimeter to radius
    - Fixed smoke
    - Fixed missing fire tile properties