by Veden
Improves the enemies tactics by using potential fields/pheromones allowing probing of defenses, retreats, reinforcements, counterattacking, breaching, raids, rallying death cry, and player hunting. Uses non-homing blockable biter projectiles. Adds new Enemies (disabled by default). Can completely replace the vanilla AI. Difficulty setting in mod options menu.
24 days ago
0.13 - 0.18

g FPS friendly settings.

- 10 months ago

Is there some settings that reduce FPS drops? After 25 hours of play rampant using 0.86 of 1.27 of script update.
E.g. factorissimo with hundreds of factories is using only 0.26 script time.

I'm playing on islands, and enemies can't attack me most of the time, but they have huge armies on neighboring islands.

- 10 months ago

Other than the blood particle removal that is on by default, not really.

Without a save I can't tell you why is running so high. Usually runs about 0.400 at the endgames I've seen.