by Veden
Improves the enemies tactics by using potential fields/pheromones allowing probing of defenses, retreats, reinforcements, counterattacking, breaching, raids, rallying death cry, and player hunting. Uses non-homing blockable biter projectiles. Adds new Enemies (disabled by default). Can completely replace the vanilla AI. Difficulty setting in mod options menu.
a month ago
0.13 - 0.17

g Rampant and Natural evolution not working correctly

- 6 months ago
(updated 6 months ago)

The version of Rampant Version: 0.17.5
What is your map evolution 100% at one point or another...
Was Rampant added at the start of a game Yes

A brief description of what you are experiencing
I've been playing factorio with the mods Rampant and Natural evolution, however i noticed that biters aren't expanding nor evolving.

When i noticed it i made a new map and set my pollution to ridiculous amount and my game speed very high. The biters won't expand unless forced to move by the player. Also they don't seem to be getting stronger when in game time progresses.

It also appears that either only one of the mods will spawn biters. Most of the time Rampant spawns biters, the problem hoewever is that it only spawns neutral workers and neutral spitters... ( i have the settings active so it should also spawn the new units)

Any help would be very appreciated

A brief description of want you are expecting:
I should be dead at 6 hours in game with only 10-30 turret around my base

Are you using custom world generation, if so what mods?
Used the populair mod that generates Resource Spawner Overhaul with my normal save, however with testing i only used Rampant, Rampant Arsenal, Natural evolution, natural evolution building.

- 6 months ago

Forced to move by the player?

- 6 months ago
(updated 6 months ago)

I speeded things up, when they eventually attack the player and moved to his position the biters eventually started to make a base at that position. However i haven't seen them actively searching new places to settle on their own.

- 6 months ago

there should be a fix for this later today.

- 6 months ago

Awesome, ur the best! Thanks

- 6 months ago

The latest version should fix some issues around the new enemies and NE.

The faction system that comes along with the new enemies, causes single types of biters to be spawned in a region and be able to mutate to other types of biters. So you should expect to see only one type of biter spawning in a region when you start, but over time you will see more types. You will also see different types depending on your distance from the start location.

- 6 months ago

Veden, ur awesome.


- 6 months ago
(updated 6 months ago)

Hey Veden, Sorry to bother u again,... But i think there is still something not completly right with the mod in conjunction with NE. There are alot of nests, however for some reason the nests of Rampant stick together and the nests of NE stick together. If you look at this picture i think u know what i mean "https://imgur.com/a/Hz190aW". Maybe you can't do anything about it then i'll ask the guy of NE! thanks for the awesome work tho!

The NE nests also seems to only spawn far away from the base

- 6 months ago

Those nest groups you are finding are supposed to be that way. As your evolution goes up they will mutate and as you move further from the center.

The specific type groupings allow for requiring specialized defenses against them instead of the mixing everything all the time like NE and bobs by themselves.

Currently the NE nests are rated at a 10% evolution requirement which can be achieved by distance from origin or evolution

- 6 months ago

Hi Veden,

I might have broke something inside the mod.
Check what happens after the last update :(


Any help?

- 6 months ago

This is not the place for this message.

Please next time start a new thread.

The 0.17.12 changed some names which broke the mod.

- 6 months ago

Sorry, I thought it was something related to Natural Evolution.

I ended up messing with the settings, and after deleting the mod-settings.dat file it opened normally.

- 6 months ago

Actually if you enable World: New Enemies stops working again.

- 6 months ago

again wrong thread. This should be fixed in the latest 0.17.8

- 6 months ago

Veden you are awesome.

Sry about the thread, and really thanks about Rampant.