Precious, precious caffeine

by raudorn

This mod adds a chain of products with the end result of a nice mug of coffee. You will need to research coffee production, which unlocks a production facility where coffee berries are grown. Process the berries to beans, roast and grind them and combine the resulting coffee powder with water and stone to mugs of coffee. These can be consumed for a temporary manual crafting and running speed boost. Later research enables the automatic consumption of coffee.

4 years ago
0.13 - 0.15
4 years ago
Latest Version:
1.2.2 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 0.15
2815 times

Precious, precious caffeine

The coffee mod nobody has been waiting for!
Adds a production chain for coffee to the game which result in consumable mugs of coffee, which increase the manual crafting speed by 80% and running speed by 40%.

NOTE: The version 1.2.0 is incompatible with savegames that contain earlier versions. Sorry for that.

How to set up and use the coffee products:
1.) Research coffee production, which is gated behind Automation 2, since the production requires tier 2 assembly machines.
2.) Build coffee plantations, which produce coffee berries
3.) Process the coffee berries in an assembly machine into coffee beans
4.) Roast the beans in a furnace
5.) Process the roasted coffee beans into coffee powder
6.) Combine coffee powder, water and stone in a tier 2 assembly machine into mugs of coffee
7.) Either use the hotkey (CONTROL + R by default) or the little mug icon in the GUI to consume the mugs of coffee. When you do so each mug raises your caffeine level by 5% and the game tries to consume as many mugs as necessary to raise your level to 100%. Your level will decrease over time, but you retain the bonus as long as the level is above 0%.
8.) Research the automatic caffeine injector and enable auto consumption with the little check box in the GUI
9.) Let bots bring you the mugs from your subfactory and don't ever worry about it again

Notes and questions you might have:

  • Why?
    Well, why not?

  • The graphics are ugly
    Sorry, that's programmer art.

  • Why aren't the plantations using electricity?
    Because they're containers, which don't require energy. I tried to simulate mining drills, however those can only be placed on resources and I want the plantations to be placeable everywhere.

  • Can you make animations for the plantations?
    In theory, sure. But it takes a bit of work and I'm lazy. Maybe for the MOTY edition.

  • This mod is boring.

  • Shouldn't the injector use caffeine powder instead of mugs of coffee? That can't be healthy.
    It should, but that's extra work. I mentioned that I'm lazy?

  • Can't you make it so the mugs are reusable?
    Do you really want that barrel nonsense all over again? You can have the game running for weeks before the coffee production would deplete a small stone deposit, so it's not really an issue anyway.