Powered Entities

This mod will create power lines between most of the base game's entities that require power.
3 months ago
0.13 - 0.17
Owner: DedlySpyder
Source: DedlySpyder/Powered_Entities
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 3 years ago
Latest Version: 0.3.26 (3 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.13 - 0.17
Downloaded: 13556 times

This mod will create power lines between most of the base game's entities that require power. It requires that a new technology be researched.

By default the game create the power lines between the entities only if the player makes a new Power Antennae for each entity, though this option can be turned off in the settings.

If you find a major bug or have a request/suggestion, feel free to email me at dedlyspyder@gmail.com, as I will notice it faster than a post on here.

Note to Other Mod Developers

There is now a remote call that you can add entities through directly. To add an entity, use the following:

remote.call("Powered_Entities", "add", "entity-name", "size")

Where entity-name is the name of your entity, and size is one of the following:
- 1x1
- 2x2
- 3x3
- 4x4
- 5x5
- 6x6
- 7x7
- 8x8
- 9x9
- 9x10
- 10x10
- 12x12

Change Log


  • Support for 0.17


  • Added remote call so that other mods can directly add entities to support (thanks YPetremann)


  • Added mod compatibility for the following (thanks Splicer9): More Science, Mining+, and Assembly Line


  • Fixes from Splicer9 for a few mod compatibility issues, introduced in 0.3.21


  • Added mod compatibility for the following (thanks Splicer9): more entities with sizes that were not supported before for multiple mods (mainly for Pyanodons mods), Logistic Mine, Mini Machines


  • Added centrifuge to the base config
  • Added mod compatibility for the following (thanks Splicer9): Pyanodons Industry, Reverse Factory, RITEG, SigmaOne's Nuclear


  • Added mod compatibility for the following (thanks Splicer9): Nauvis Day, DP77's Sulfur, Nanobots, Specialized Oil, Deep Mine, Macerator, Power on a Belt.


  • Added mod compatibility for the following (thanks Splicer9): RealisticReactors, Air Filtering Advanced, Bio Industries, Dark Matter Replicators, Deadlock's Crating Machine, Electric Furnaces, Electric Train, Geothermal, KS Power, Large Lamp, Liquid Science, Mining Tools, Programming Logic Controller Unit, Bulk Rail Loader, Scanning Radar, Vehicle Radar, WaterWell, Wireless Signals, Stormwalls.


  • Fixed bug where the invisible power poles were deconstructed before the entity they were under


  • Support for 0.16


  • Mod compatibility for Double Furnace, Assembly Machine Zero and Flare Stack (thanks KroshkaRoo)
  • Added hotkey to recalculate powered entities (F10 by default)
  • Added global option to hide the recalculate button for all players


  • Picker Extended integration by AqlaSolutions


  • Fixed bug with sometimes crashing due to "An area of zero size is not supported"


  • Migrated manual_mode and minimum_wire_reach to in-game settings


  • Support for 0.15


  • Fixed rare occurrence of invisible poles dying and crashing the game


  • Support for 0.14


  • Fixed crash when placing/deleting tile-ghosts


  • Fixed GLARING flaw in the migration script (never assume it'll work kids, always test)


  • Fixed crash when placing/deleting entity-ghosts
  • Added Recalculate Entities Button


  • Added minimum_wire_reach option to the config file
    • This lowers the wire reach of all entities to the minimum amount to have them in a row (For example, assemblers have just enough reach to hit each other when in a row)
    • Off by default


  • Fixed crash with some uses of Recalculate_Powered_Entities (thanks to justarandomgeek on GitHub)


  • Fixed mod support that was attempted in 0.3.3
  • All of Bob's mods should be supported


  • Support for 0.13.0