Powered Entities

This mod will create power lines between most of the base game's entities that require power.

3 years ago
0.13 - 1.1
7 years ago
Latest Version:
0.5.7 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
1.94K users

This mod will create power lines between most of the game's entities that consume electric power (and optionally produce power). It requires that a new technology be researched.

By default the game create the power lines between the entities only if the player makes a new Power Antennae for each entity, though this option can be turned off in the settings (Manual Mode).

A Powered Entities report can be run to generate a file that will show all the entities that will be powered by the mod. The entities will be put into sections based on size of the underlying power supply area. One of these reports can be generated by running the below command in the game chat (open by pressing tilda * ` *). A base game version of this report can be found here.

/c remote.call("Powered_Entities", "build_report")

0.4.0 Update

With the 0.4.0 update, the mod has moved to dynamically powering entities, instead of using a static list. This means that some entities that changed name will be powered again, and that the mod is now compatible will possibly all other mods. Let me know if you find a mod that doesn't work with it, I will look into why.

Breaking Changes

  • Settings name changes on the backend to order them nicely, and startup settings do not migrate nicely so MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT MANUAL MODE SETTING
  • Maximum wire distance between powered entities have been reworked slightly, only entities larger than 3x3 were changed, so check your roboports, oil refineries, and rocket silos.

Note to Other Mod Developers

If you were calling the remote.calls before then they are no longer required. They are still being added to not break other mods, but they do not do anything. Feel free to remove them.