Power on a Belt

Adds a new type of accumulator with two parts, the charging station and the discharging station. Move power into batteries and transport them far away. Graphics courtesy of kaueNP. Supports batteries from bobsmods.
1 year, 4 months ago
Owner: micromario
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License: MIT
Created: 1 year, 4 months ago
Latest Version: 18.4.17 (1 year, 4 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 2384 times

Note: I won't be porting this to .17. If you want the functionality provided in this mod, check out the Accumulator Wagon:

Unlock a special type of accumulator that works in two parts, the charger and the discharger.

You can feed any battery from vanilla or bobs into a charger, which will fill the battery with energy from your grid.
Then, transport the battery to a discharger, which will extract the energy into your grid.

There are three practical uses:
Network separation
Instead of running miles of power poles to all your sub factories, run a single train full of batteries. This lets you have individual networks that are still fed from your main base.

Blackout prevention
Batteries have a stack size of 25, and depending on tier, power storage can range from 10-30MW. This means you can store 12GW inside a single chest, useful for running your base even when power blacks out.

Accumulator replacement
A charger/discharger setup can store more power than an three accumulators. If you integrate these buildings into a solar setup, you can make solar setups more compact at the cost of slower charge/discharge rates and a slight energy loss.

Todo list:
Find any more batteries from mods and allow them to be charged

Misc details:
A discharger waits until it has finished its recipe before producing power
Both the charger and the discharger require 40kW/sec to work with batteries. While this value is much smaller than most buildings, it still means that the system is not lossless. I recommend supplementing dischargers with a handful of solar panels.
The discharger works by storing an invisible steam engine above itself, which it transfers its output liquids to.

4/17/18 - Bugfix Update
Hotfix for infinite power generation from a loop of generators
Changed battery description to use MJ instead of MW

4/16/18 - Content Update
Added support for Anony's mods
Added a fun new tech icon

4/12/18 - Content Update
Added a startup setting that transforms the discharging station from a machine that requires power to a machine that consumes batteries to run
Added support for electric trains

4/10/18 - Bugfix Update
Fixed issues with batteries from bobsmods not giving the correct amount of power
Added a tooltip to batteries showing their max capacity
Batteries will now return the correct item after being discharged
Removed unnecessary length in mod description
Discharged batteries will now return the exact amount of power they are supposed to. (No more decimal approximations)
The internal "battery flux" is now ten times harder to get, but makes ten times as much power

4/9/18 - Mod Release

Fun discords for the entire family:
https://discord.gg/dqwAq <- You can find me and this mod's artist here, this is where all NP mods are based
https://discord.gg/SkjDm <-Zelos is still a pear