This mod adds personal Teleaporter to the game. A lot of Thanks to iUltimateLP and his mod SimpleTeleporters for inspiration and for the use of His Code and graphics

9 months ago
0.13 - 1.1


How does the menu work?
when you first place a teleporter beacon in the world a new menu will appear in the top left of our screen.
This button will open and close the GUI of your teleporters that are in your world.
The teleporter list menu has two parts menu bar that has the sorting and navigation of your teleporters
and the second is the list of teleporters and button for actions you can do with them.
The menu bar has two parts one the pager buttons ("<" , ">") that allow you to go forward and back through your teleporter pages.
inbetween the buttons is the #page you are on / #total pages for that category. which brings us the the second part of the menu the categories.
The categories allow you to group your teleporters for easy finding. to create a new category you click the "+" button.
To rename or delete a category you click on the category button twice and it will bring up a menu.

the teleporters them self have buttons on them to use and edit them:
button "T": teleporters you to that Teleporter Beaken if you have enough power in the Beaken itself and enough power in your Personal Teleporter in your armor.
button "N": lets you Remane the Teleporter to something more useful.
button "C": lets you change which Category that teleporter is in.
button "< >": allows you to move the teleporter up or down in the list.