Prometheus Grenade Launcher

Adds hand grenade launcher, grenade turret, spidertron with grenade launchers, equipment grenade launchers. Added following types of grenades: Fragmentation, Frag-lighted, Flare, Cluster, High-Explosive, Gas (poison cloud), Slowing, Incendiary, Shock, Acidic, Plasma, Stasis, Discharge and extra additional Plutonium (optional or with PlutoniumEnergy mod).

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/c game.player.force.reset_technology_effects()
Use this console command in game for updating recipes for new versions of mod during play (if you have researched technologies with mod recipes
on old versions of mod or have vanilla technologies with adding mod recipes researched before mod installation).


This is a grenade launcher from my fictional world and part from Plastordance mod, which I currently develop.
By LORe, this is weapon development of Ferrolyths β€” fullbody cyborg-humans of technocracy, but with organic brains. Painted in "Ierhon" ferrolyths' faction colors.


Fragmentation β€” starting ammunition with grenade launcher, good thing to killing any enemy.
Buckshot β€” starting ammunition with grenade launcher, which shots buckshot on explosion. +Piercing Buckshot.
Flare & Lighted Fragmentation β€” researchable ammunition, which gives you light at night if you want.
Cluster β€” ammunition works like vanilla cluster grenade, but have bigger cluster radius and more good to killings groups of enemy, but bad to killing single enemies.
High-Explosive (HE) β€” ultimate word to end big single target, have high damage on small area and additional extra damage on very small area (if you shot behemoth biter very accurate, you can hit him with 1 184 explosion damage on stock parameters of damage).
Gas β€” works like poison capsules, but better to use.
Slowing β€” works like slowing capsules, and have three area stages of slowing: area size 10 β€” 50% of movement speed, area size 2.5 β€” 30%, area size 1 β€” 15%. Additionally, have small damage β€” 2 physical + 2 explosion.
Incendiary β€” casts fire on area, like gas and cluster grenades good against groups.
Shock β€” stuns enemy on short time and push them back, have electrical damage.
Acidic β€” hits enemy with acid explosions, medium to fight with groups and with single targets.
Venom β€” single-target grenade, which applies to enemy timed damage.
Uranium β€” frag grenades with additional uranium needles sub-projectiles.
Promethium β€” like uranium, but gives to enemy timed damage with poison + radiation.
Thermobaric β€” a huge explosion grenade, good for extermination.
Plasma β€” a powerful weapon against enemies, have own damage types β€” plasma and overheat. Good for killing small groups or single targets.
Stasis β€” stuns enemies for long time.
Discharge β€” works like discharge defense.
Plutonium β€” extra ammunition, works if you install PlutoniumEnergy , Enchanted Nuclear or Angel's Industries mod, or you can unlock recipe in startup mod settings.


Shoulder grenade launchers β€” have similar parameters, but with bonuses/debuffs to damage/range individual for every. Infinity ammo, but eats 450kJ of armor power.
Have types: Frag, Cluster, HE, Gas, Slowing, Incendiary, Shock, Acidic, Plasma, Stasis, Discharge. Every require to research in own technology.
Range of fire β€” 50, min range β€” 30.


Added variation of spidertron with grenade launchers. Needs all what needs vanilla spidertron, but Prometheus Grenade Launchers instead of Rocket Launchers.


Temporary use gun-turret sprite. Range 80, min range 25 and turn range 1/4 of circle. Warning, recommend build turrets very near to walls to prevent its damage from grenades.


The using of several grenade types in defense or offense. This increases defense strength more than using 1-2 grenade types.
Using Slowing + HE or Slowing + Incendiary is good, but using Slowing + HE + Incendiary much better.