Non-Wave Defense 2

This mod is derived from the (.16/.17) official WaveDefense scenario mode. Get funding to upgrade technology by killing biters.

1 year, 7 months ago
0.18 - 1.1


Version: 1.1.12
Date: 2022-10-02
    - changelog error :DDDDD
Version: 1.1.11
Date: 2022-10-02
    - settings code was very broken... if it didn't desync, it at least didn't update values mid-game
    - fix (potential?) bug with 0 bounty multiplier
    - round some floating text
    - refactor to only include enemies from specific mods
    - Hardcorio enemies and weapons
    - nerf electric damage modifier (10% vs 20%)
Version: 1.1.9
Date: 2021-11-07
    - money on the button
    - 1x 5x purchase tooltip on the button
    - more flamethrowers supported (ammo and fluid, yuoki and hero turrets)
Version: 1.1.6
Date: 2021-10-03
    - nil team with on_reset_technology_effects and another mod
Version: 1.1.5
Date: 2021-05-09
    - Big Monsters (thanks to Yariazen, report any balance problems)
    - many spawners/worms in wrong table
    - Refactoring bounties a bit
    - typo in migration (gui labels may still be there)
    - migration typo, loading a Factorio 1.0 save with 1.1.4 or earlier may have garbage gui elements
Version: 1.1.4
Date: 2021-04-29
    - migration error
Version: 1.1.3
Date: 2021-04-13
    - LOTS. Multiplayer was very broken and/or not working.
    - Worm turrets are considered with "spawners", not "units". Sorry.
    - Remote interface stuff:
       non_wave_defense or non_wave_defense_2
         -get_unit_bounties() / set_unit_bounties(table)
         -get_spawner_bounties() / set_spawner_bounties(table) <-- has worm turrets until I figure something else out
         -reset_force(force_name) - reset a force (no way to remove/merge a force yet)
Version: 1.1.2
Date: 2021-04-10
    - multiple forces support (report bugs, please)
    - right click = 5 purchases, anything else = 1
    - unit muliplier only option (DEFAULT 0 = NO MONEY FROM BITERS)
           matches the newer (0.17+) wave defense
    - tweaks to locale strings
    - removed CN/TW locales as they had pretty much nothing in them
    - change how adjusting settings works (so it works)
    - bounties are now dynamically loaded (as before)
             can change consts.lua to add/remove bounties
Version: 1.1.1
Date: 2020-12-13
    - Discharge Defense remote speed is based on Discharge defenses. They do get faster.
    - Fix changelog
Version: 1.1.0
Date: 2020-12-13
    - 1.1 release and prototype name changes
    - "Bio_Turret_Ammo" in physical projectile damage (darts)
    - weapon shooting speed affects more types
    - speed for beam and electric, besides laser (won't make discharge remote faster)
Version: 1.0.2
Date: 2020-11-15
  Bug Fixes:
    - fix(?) auto-detection of ammo turrets after save/load
    - improve conditions for when credits are earned (related to multiple forces)
    - additional ammo turrets detected: shotgun-shell, cannon-shell, and railgun
Version: 1.0.1
Date: 2020-09-29
  Bug Fixes:
    - clean the garbage caused by the memory leak. Stop leaking memory.
    - forgot to upload 1.0. Was sort of a working-release
Version: 1.0.0
Date: 2020-09-16
    - updated Factorio version to Factorio 1.0.0
    - improved physical projectile bonus: applies turret bonus to any turret that uses bullets
Version: 0.18.6
Date: 2020-09-12
  Bug Fixes:
    - Train Braking Force was missing.
    - Removed the remote interface in 0.18.5.
    - Removed an on_research_finished function in 0.18.5 that didn't seem to do anything.
    - if there are any issues, post to the discussions
    - re-upload, forgot some minor things (locale string, made sure options order matched bonuses)
Version: 0.18.5
Date: 2020-09-06
    - Bounty Bonus option
  Bug Fixes:
    - Bounty Bonus shows up in the Upgrades pane and can be turned on/off in options
    - Refactored some. There still may be some bugs.
Version: 0.18.4
Date: 2020-09-06
    - Added "railgun" to physical weapon damage and speed upgrades, 10% and 10%
    - Added "combat-robot-beam" (Destroyers) to energy weapons damage, 20% per level
    - Added "electric" (Discharge Defense) to energy weapons damage, 10% per level
    - Options! Map options to disable any category of upgrades
            (instantly takes effect, does not refund money, remembers purchase level)
    - removed anything being loaded in data stage. Don't know why it was in the first place.
    - Any suggestions for zh-CN and zh-TW names for new "enable" options would be appreciated
Version: 0.18.3
Date: 2020-09-01
  Bug Fixes:
    - remove reference to user Lunzir in code
    - remove use of redefined print function
Version: 0.18.2
Date: 2020-04-20
  Bug Fixes:
    - I'm an idiot send help
Version: 0.18.1
Date: 2020-04-20
    - Factorio 0.18.x release
    - only affects "player" force at the moment. Should be fixable
    - logs details on force.technology_effects_reset() to verify upgrades
    - there's more laser-bonus-tech damage types that are not present in this version
    - want to add "capsule", "poison", and "biological" damage bonuses (capsule covers healing fish, poison is... poison capsules)
    - want to add setting for enemy bonuses and/or only nest bonuses, to match behavior in Factorio 0.18.xx
  Bug Fixes:
    - bullet speed? was missing from upgrades in 0.16.x version
    - force effects persist on force.technology_effects_reset()
    - More Schall's Endgame Evolution? Category 5-10 is there. Not sure about 4, 11-20 isn't but can be added
    - inserter stack size fix (over 255 has error, old limit was 200 from directly setting and 255 from tech upgrades)