NPBees Redux

Get metals from bees! Breed and use genetic mutation to create massive insect swarms. Production lines start from honey larvae, and slowly become ores. The mod is designed to be very dynamic, and it will search for all mineable ores in your mod list. Goes well with angels and seablock. Graphics courtesy of kaueNP.
8 months ago

g My first iron bees build

- 7 months ago

I just started playing with this mod for the first time today. Took me quite some time to figure out how to get everything going, it definitely has a pyanadon/angels level of complexity to it.
Here's a screenshot of my build in 4k:

Assuming my calculations are correct, this should provide a full yellow belt of iron ore.

- 7 months ago

Very nice, way more organized than any of my builds

Can I ask what you think about balance? I haven't really tested vanilla bees enough, so your input would be nice