NPBees Redux

Get metals from bees! Breed and use genetic mutation to create massive insect swarms. Production lines start from honey larvae, and slowly become ores. The mod is designed to be very dynamic, and it will search for all mineable ores in your mod list. Goes well with angels and seablock. Graphics courtesy of kaueNP.
1 year, 2 months ago
Owner: micromario
Source: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 19.1.17 (1 year, 2 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 5631 times

Adds in bees as an alternate way to gather ores.

First off, I want to say that this mod is not easy. You're going to be dealing with looping resources, fluid control, optional circuitry, and local throughput. However, if you manage to set up all your production lines correctly, a medium-sized colony can supply as much ore as 3 mining sites without beacons or modules.

Start with honey production. Make queens that give birth to larva. Larva can grow into different bee castes, the worker and the queen. Once you have a steady stream of resources for your colony, experiment with genetic mutation in order to collect different species of bees. Use the extra larva from the above loop to create honey and royal jelly, which can then be used to create queens for different ore types. These queens give birth to more larva which can almost be turned into ores.

The mod is designed to be fully dynamic, and will react to any ores in your mod list.

If paired with angel's refining, the mod will create a new recipe for ores that uses mineral sludge instead of water in case you wanted to combine ore production paths.

If paired with seablock, the mod will try to balance itself accordingly. Resources cannot be produced with bees alone. You must now use bees with the sulfur loop in order to create raw materials effectively. (Bees can be used to increase production in seablock resource setups)

Want oil? Use coal bees with coal liquefaction. Don't have coal bees? You're sunk captain.

If your recipes are missing use these (I messed up migrations in an old version):
/c game.player.force.technologies['bee-process-t1'].researched=false
/c game.player.force.technologies['bee-process-t1'].researched=true
/c game.player.force.technologies['bee-process-t2'].researched=false
/c game.player.force.technologies['bee-process-t2'].researched=true

Other features:
A logistic beehive that has no charging ports and a tiny logistic area, but has a small footprint and is suited for logistic bees. Logistic bees have low stack sizes, and slowish speed, but don't require power. (Can be disabled in mod options)

Propolis ammo, which is really just a way to void extra mutated propolis gained from genetic mutation. Did I mention you can eat honey?

Plans for the future:
Fix the sprite for the queen's wings
Change load order to make the mod even more dynamic
Add support for expensive recipes
Add an algorithm that determines unknown ore prices based on mining hardness, rarity, mining time, and averages of these values.
Use string magic to improve localization. Example: Copper ore bee becomes Copper bee
Fix the bug with dyWorld that causes all items to be white
Add advanced compatibility for omnisea (bees are pretty much useless in this mod)
Randomize output for royal jelly to encourage fluid storage. (I don't like the direct insertion)

There is a chance that incompatibles will come with this mod as it is dynamic but not omniscient. Please ping me here
on the mod page in case you find any bugs. Bugs include anything from a grammar error to a runtime crash.

Graphics and original version developed by kaueNP. Used with kind permission.