Get infinite raw resources from bees. Breed and use genetic mutation to create massive insect swarms. Production lines start from honey larvae, and slowly become ores. The mod is designed to be very dynamic, and it will search for all ores in your mod list. Graphics from kaueNP

a month ago
0.16 - 0.18


Version: 2.2.5
Date: 23. 07. 6
    - Fixed a crash involving wood bees
Version: 2.2.4
Date: 23. 07. 5
    - Added fluid boxes to the sequencer
Version: 2.2.3
Date: 23. 07. 2
    - Fixed a crash with bob's technology
    - Fixed an issue with the recipe for syringes
Version: 2.2.2
Date: 23. 07. 2
    - Fixed a crash with angel's bio processesing
Version: 2.2.1
Date: 23. 07. 1
    - Improved algorithm for detecting level one bees
    - Improved the mod interface
    - Rebalanced wood bees
    - Fixed a crash with bio industries
Version: 2.2.0
Date: 23. 06. 30
    - Added a .17 version
    - Rewrote all the code
    - Added fluid bees
    - Removed all startup settings
    - Wood is now disabled automatically
    - Added a new system for bee breeding
    - Added a new system that allows other mods to interface with bees
	- Recipes no longer decompose
    - Fixed a bug with icon sizes
Version: 2.1.0
Date: 23. 06. 20
    - Formatted changelog for mod portal
    - Change hive recipes
    - Change logistic bee sound
    - Add space exploration
    - Bees moved into data stage 2
    - Change tech tree
Version: 2.0.1
Date: 23. 06. 20
    - Fixed a crash with pyrawores
Version: 2.0.0
Date: 23. 06. 20
    - Update to .18
    - Change sprite of hive t3
    - Remove useless startup settings
    - Added sounds
    - Added pymods dependancy
Version: 19.1.17
Date: 17. 01. 19
    - Made the mod much more powerful in general
    - Halfed honey requirements for ore queens
    - Tripled ore yield from water
    - Increased ore yield from mineral sludge
    - Doubled crafting recipie of honey
    - Added advanced ore producion to vanilia. It uses heavy oil
    - Reduced power requirements for industrial hive
    - Quadrupled power consumption of the transposer
    - Halfed the honey price of industrial hive
    - Added purple science to Logistic hive tech if not using bobsmods
    - Removed raw wood in angels and seablock
    - Added all the queens to the circut network
Version: 18.4.26
Date: 26. 04. 18
    - Added raw wood bees to seablock
    - Added support for dyWorld and any other mod that dynamically generates sprites for ores
    - Fixed that item sprites for combs had corner icons
Version: 18.4.11
Date: 11. 04. 18
    - Changed the liquifoamer to the liquiformer mk2
    - Rebalanced power and pollution values
    - Copper, iron, saphirite, and stiratite bees no longer require green science
    - Liquiformers now run their animation backwards when they run out of frames
    - The logistic hive now requires logistic science packs with bob's science
    - Slightly changed the apiary�s description
    - You no longer need engine units and advanced electronics to research copper and iron bees
    - Moved the circut connector sprite for the logistic hive
    - Most buildings will now require a stone-based construction material when AAI is installed
Version: 18.4.3
Date: 03. 04. 18
    - Fixed a bug where some images wouldn't render on Mac (Hopefully)
    - Added support for productivity modules
    - Fixed the omnicum plate technology
    - Added support for fast replace
Version: 18.3.27
Date: 27. 03. 18
    - Huge internal overhaul
    - Added this changelog to the mod files
    - Renamed the bee house to the apiary
    - Renamed the genetic maker to the sequencer
    - Changed the subgroup of the empty syringe
    - The omnite bees technology now requires beekeeping
    - Changed the technology icon for beekeeping 2
    - Added migrations for update smoothness
    - Changed the crafting times of some buildings for variety
Version: 18.3.25
Date: 25. 03. 18
    - Added the liquifoamer, a new building used to processes combs faster than the liquiformer.
    - Added better support for omnimatter
    - Changed the color of omniplate bees, they are now a light purple
    - Changed the recipe for logistic bees, they now require alien bacteria and robot brains (if angelbob is included)
    - The logistic beehive technology now requires alien research (if angelsbioprocessing is included)
    - Fixed the algorithm for dynamic bee technology. Now unknown bees will get proper technology
    - Youki's ores will now have bees if angels is installed (disabled previously)
Version: 18.3.24
Date: 24. 03. 18
    - Fixed the icon for advanced beekeeping
    - Reduced the amount of honey required for advanced comb production
    - Reduced the amount of time advanced comb production takes from 12 to 10
    - Made genetic mutation take thirty seconds across the board
    - Added dynamic descriptions for items and tech
    - Made omnimatter compatibility less boring (not done but better than before)
    - Added more prerequisites for vanilla ores
Version: 18.3.23
Date: 23. 03. 18
    - Removed beekeeping 2, all unlocks from that technology have been moved to beekeeping 1
    - The logistic hive technology now requires beekeeping 2. (Formerly beekeeping 3)
    - Added empty syringes. These are required in genetic mutation as a replacement for honey. They require glass if paired with angel's smelting
    - Removed wooden bees if omniwood, Arboretum, bobgreenhouse, or Bio_Industries are installed
    - Added manganese bees in seablock to help balance massive steel requirements
    - Fixed a bug involving corner icons with ores that required fluid to mine
    - Reduced the steel requirements for some machines
Version: 18.3.22
Date: 22. 03. 18
    - Technology overhaul! Each bee now has it's own research
    - Ores that require fluid to mine are now crafted with that fluid
    - Ores that require fluid no longer have mineral sludge recipes
    - Reduced the stack size of logistic bees from 5 to 2
    - Increased the amount of robot slots in the logistic hive from 20 to 50
    - Added technology prerequisites for bees from sulfur ore, pyfusion, angels, and clowns minerals
    - Slightly changed mineral sludge recipes (uses more sludge, but fewer molds)
Version: 18.3.21
Date: 21. 03. 18
    - Added logistic and construction bees
    - Rebalanced the logistic hive in order to move away from regular robots inside hives
    - Note: 'Fusion' robots that don't require power can still use the logistic hive. This leads to a very broken roboport. I would recommend not putting those inside hives if you prefer a balanced gameplay.
    - Added five startup options
    - Remove logistic bees
    - Remove 'corner icons' from recipe sprites
    - Change maximum mutation chance
    - Increase/decrease mutation chance (Additive)
    - Change the number of larva a queen can produce
    - Fixed a bug with seablock compatibility involving wood use in a building
    - Preparations for pycoal compatibility (it's a bit awkward because most of the ores in that mod are mined differently than normal)
    - Preparations for technology overhaul (expect something similar to omnimatter)
    - Retextured the item group icon (again)
Version: 18.3.20
Date: 20. 03. 18
    - Renamed the centrifuge
    - Retextured the logistic hive technology
    - Reduced the amount of global variables
    - Remade the algorithm that determines mutation chance
    - Added advanced support for seablock
    - Added support for Yuoki
    - Added advanced support for Clown's ores
    - Retextured the item group icon
    - Added a new icon for the mod
    - Reduced the startup time
    - Changed ore prices for Angel's refining
Version: 18.3.19
Date: 19. 03. 18
    - Added a description for the nursery
    - Forced darker ores to have a lighter bee texture
    - Added a beta prices system, to make certain ores harder to get
    - Made some of the icons more descriptive
    - Retextured the bee house
Version: 18.3.18
Date: 18. 03. 18
    - Mod release