Molten Metals

by yokmp

Ores now need to be molten and casted.

3 months ago
4 months ago
Latest Version:
0.1.12 (3 months ago)
Factorio version:
220 times

I am currently work on getting this mod and angels refining to work together. I implement fixes and adjustments as i play through the game so it can take a while. Also i only focus on the refining mod atm. I will ignore smelting and im not shure if and how i should work with the chemical mods.
Since i have to make some big changes to the mod i may break other stuff.
So if you encounter any bugs, missing icons/text or balance issues then please let me know.

Have fun :)


Now you can smelt ores which then can be casted into various items.
I've written this mod for my own and focused on extending vanilla. Just ask for ores from mods to be added.


Well, just throwing rocks into a furnace and get a fine metal plate is pretty lame. Now you throw them into a furnace and get molten ores which you then cast into fine plates. Progress!


At the moment only "vanilla-ores" and some bz-mods (aluminum, tungsten, lead and titanium) are affected.
Untested with KR2, Bobs and Angels (why yould you use this mod and angels anyways).

But mod xyz needs the vanilla furnaces?!

The steel- and electric-furnaces are replaced by this mods smelters which are assembling machine types. This means that if other Mods add recipes for furnaces they won't be accessible.

There is a setting which disables the furnace replacement.

There is a setting to reset all technology effects; use this if you have any problems with locked recipes. Untick after use.

I should mention that most recipes aren't balanced yet but who reads all this?

Anyways, if you're interested in how it all begun then you can take a look here:
Since the original is more than 4 years old you may have to download an old version of the game or edit the info.json file.
Some contents of the original (like ingots and rolls) may come back to add (optional) complexity.