Mining Space Industries

This is a story driven mod, like a campaign with lots of challenges, now enhanced with Space Exploration. Your team was hired by MSi (Mining Space Industries) with a purpose: extract mineral riches from a distant planet. But you had a terrible accident when landing. Will you be able to accomplish the task you where hired for?
8 days ago
0.15 - 0.17

i Feedback after play-trough (warning obviously contains spoilers)

- a month ago

Hello, just finished a play-trough with this mod and generally really enjoyed it. Here are some remarks about the points which in my opinion could be enhanced and some general feedback.

The teleporting big worms in the early game events were quite frustrating given that they two-shot the player.
--> Maybe limit to small/medium ones in the earlier events?
For the ‘dark smoke’ spawner I even resorted to temp. changing the mod to disallow teleporting worms because I got completely stuck as they appeared faster as I could kill them. No idea how this phase was intended to be played.

Searching for shipwrecks was no fun but 'paying for the location with tech' felt too simple.
--> Maybe add some kind of basic triangulation from other wrecks feature (give direction and distance hints like 'faint emergency transponder signal from south east received')?

I am still salty that wheatley destroyed the reactor of the first shipwreck :-)

For the endgame cargo phase I build the cargo in my main base and bought it to the rocket in my backpack. Would likely add some depth if the rocket cargo needs to be assembled in a special 'payload assembly building' that needs to be placed close to the rocket forcing the player to bring the final intermediates for the cargo packages via train.

The fact that the special assemblers for ‘double-yield’ recipes instantly explode if placed wrong makes it a bit unforgiving (which in the end lead for me to using a 'safe, test and reload if necessary'-pattern). Applying some DOT on them such that they take damage each second for some time would be nicer. But quite funny if you have 10 assemblers in your backpack and have a pers. roboport equipped...

For the advanced circuits and processing units I didn’t even use the ‘double-yield’ recipes because they didn’t allow to use prod. modules so it was 140% yield in main base vs 200% yield in long distance outpost. While it would most likely still had made sense to use them laziness won for me. So allowing prod. modules there too would balance this better.

I didn’t like that the long range placing of the blue portal from the portal gun was force disabled. Should be up to the player via the setting in the mod options of the portal gun mod. With the short range I found the portal gun to be mostly useless.

The rather uneventful endgame phase building the cargo was a bit grindy. In the end I used ‘time tools’-mod and let it run at double speed, while only fixing bottlenecks and addressing other issues after everything was set up.

- a month ago

Wow! Thanks a lot for your feedback. It is always so good to receive it. I will work on some of the problems you reported for next version. Currently I am developing new missions for Space Exploration mod. Have you tried ? It is awesome! There are interesting and hard missions in other planets now. These final delivery missions has no meaning now... with SE, the universe is in our hands... MSI changes will now be focused on Space Exploration mod

- a month ago

Hello, no I didn't tried it together with Space exploration mod. May do in the future but that sounds like it results in a very long game. But the 'story driven' approach from this mod makes a long single player freeplay definite much more enjoyable.

- a month ago

I just get a general idea... How about making cargo shipments profitable instead of just mandatory? So let them generate "credits" as a result of a launch. Here are the details:

1) Introduce the market building where special non-craftable and non-researchable items can be bought from those credits. Those can include higher-tier items, modules, machines (armor, guns, turrets, ammo, fuel, assemblers, drills and so on), maybe beacons with larger effect area and other stuff unavailable to built on it's own.
2) Let the stack size for credits be the max number supported so they could be accumulated in large amounts.

Another suggestion is even more general. Maybe no crashing at all? How about switching to different concept: we are landed normally with basic bootstrap items stored in the landing pods scattered around. We are expected to establish the base and develop this planet's resources for the metropolis on Earth. Basically all existing events and special items remains, so it is not a big shift after all.

Small tip: the current content of messages feels like a hype-screams of a scholar. How about making them less emotional, cutting down to just informational essence of it?

Overall, the mod is great judging by the idea. The concept is great and it really fits into the game like a missing part of a puzzle. But the implementation in some cases feels weak, childish (messages, annoying "features" like breakdowns, crashed bots). If polished out, the mod is a true beef of a raw Factorio sandwich. Please keep working on it, MFerrari! ;)

- a month ago
(updated a month ago)

Thanks for the feedback, Yandersen. Always good to hear other players ideas.

- a month ago

...but it is even better to see them implemented... ^.^

- a month ago

...but it is even better to see them implemented... ^.^
I know =) But have you seen the new crash landing sequence I have just released in the last version... so that was a lot o work to make more crashes , explosions and more initial missions... So i think the initial crash sequence will stay for some more time. About the other suggestions: I will consider for sure. The final delivery cargoes missions will be removed. Maybe spread those requests, one at a time, after the silo construction quest. Probably blocking one space technology from Space Exploration, that would be unlocked after a delivery... I dont know.

- a month ago
(updated a month ago)

Oh, no, didn't see. I am on the last stage right now, preparing the shipments to launch into space. Few hundred hours in game already... XD