Mining Space Industries

This is a story driven mod, like a campaign with lots of challenges. Your team was hired by MSi (Mining Space Industries) with a purpose: extract mineral riches from a distant planet. But you had a terrible accident when landing. Will you be able to accomplish the task you where hired for?
7 days ago
0.15 - 0.17


-0.17.30: Change some recipes to be compatible with other mods
-0.17.29: Made compatible with game version 0.17.12
-0.17.28: Worm Boss appear a little later. Rocket launch crash fix
-0.17.27: Worm Boss crash fixed
-0.17.26: Removed NE optional dependency. Changed the Boss Worm attacks to the new fire stream
-0.17.25: Fixed crash with bobs warfare
-0.17.24: V17 released. Freeman can research his crowbar, faster than steel axe
-0.16.23: Reduced Atomic Bomb Cargo size. Tweaked Giant Worm boss attacks, resistances and HP
-0.16.22: Fixed an English Locale text mission. Made Giant Worm boss shoot less
-0.16.21: Another crash Fix
-0.16.20: Fix a crash when Maximize technologies are researched
-0.16.19: Fix a reported crash
-0.16.18: removed the gui option to do not show minicameras. It was crashing sometimes. Cameras will always popup.
-0.16.17: gui error fix
-0.16.16: New enemy boss added to the history. Some gui changes, including small cameras to show special events locations. New techonologies and recipes to maximize production of advanced circuits and modules.
-0.16.15: Changed the initial shipwreck battery to be visible. More initial itens in a new game and some technologies tweaks.
-0.16.14: One of the initial shipwrecks can now provide some energy (new games only) and will not pulse shock. Fixed the technology reset problem when called by other mods updates.
-0.16.13: better items found in machines and military shipwrecks. They will not fall on water.
-0.16.11: new recipes for Gordon Freeman; GlaDOS can be assembled as a unique construction robot; all rocket cargo deliveries now gives 300 space science packs each.
-0.16.10: new side quest: freeman may research a place where it is possible to double the production of Processing Units
-0.16.9: integration with RPGSystem mod (quests will give xp); bug fix; added sounds to alerto for repair events.
-0.16.7: new secondary quest for Omega Drill mod; now rescuing Freeman and HAL requires tools and some time in the shipwreck; changed technologies prototypes for better compatibility; added option to remove oil from starting area.
-0.16.2 to .6 : bug fixes
-0.16.1: game v.0.16 compatible, new artillery cargo for final mission requests, and some minor changes

-0.15.13 New main mission added after rescuing Gordon: to kill a giant beast that is darkening the sky..
-0.15.12 changes: bug fixes, new early quest, Einstein replaced by Gordon Freeman, added risk of alien invasion on open portals (and techonologies to avoid this), portal-gun recipe changed to be made in blue assembler, recipes of rocket cargos now requires containers.
-0.15.7 changes: Added secondary missions and technology jobs for GlaDOS, Gordon and HAL-9000. Added support for player tags.