Loot Chest UPS

by ptx0

UPS friendly, Space Exploration-centric fork of LootChestPlus. Supports all loot added to entity prototype (TheDeadBurn, Alien Loot Economy, Bobenemies). Attempts to accumulate uncollected loot in a game-engine-friendly manner. Adds Multi-Surface support for SE, allowing you to make things easier or harder.

1 year, 10 months ago
3 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.13 (1 year, 10 months ago)
Factorio version:
Downloaded by:
2.46K users

Forked from the original LootChestPlus and rewritten to not use on_tick handler or entity searches. Much more UPS efficient than Schall Pickup Tower, or the original Loot Chest Plus before v1.4.3. Negligible UPS consumption.

A new feature is added for Christmas, to enable multi-surface support. Select which surface to send loot to in Map settings.

  • Default settings are to drop loot on the ground when a chest isn't found
  • Default settings are to use a single chest on "nauvis", if placed, for all dropped loot on any surface.
  • SE recommended settings are to disable both options. Loot will be dropped on a surface, unless a local chest exists. This ensures that secret loot drops work as intended, and enforces the Space Exploration theme of logistic challenges.
  • Easy mode for SE is to select a specific surface in map settings for your loot to land on. Place a chest in orbit and send it for free!

Currently, the queue is map-wide. All surfaces will write to the same list of items. This means overflow from one surface can end up in the chest for another surface, even if the single-surface option is disabled. In the future, this might change.

Planned features:
- Button to scan the map and collect all item-on-ground.
- Optional power consumption
- Tiers of collector chests gated behind respective technologies with multi-surface "God" chests at end-game when the multi-surface option is enabled.
- Collector warehouse
- Modding interfaces for other container mods to register their own artifact collector chest (for custom sprites, etc)
- Option to switch the chest type between passive-red/storage-yellow/active-purple/buffer-green entities (it's currently a passive provider)

Downsides to this mod:
- Some people consider it cheating to have items deposited in a single chest. These people aren't wrong, but they are morons. The game is unplayable at scale with ground-search method.
- Some items might be lost/uncollected if you let the chest remain full for too long, or don't place a chest on the map for a while.

Upsides to this mod:

  • It performs much better. Hardly noticeable for UPS.
  • It works with multiple surfaces. I'm using this is in Space Exploration to collect items from dying entities on all planets to one central location.
  • Works with all loot drops
  • Not possible to cheese it for teleportation