Loot Chest+

by hanes

Automagically collects all the loot, on all surfaces. Useful in combination with artillery. Convenient for mods that add loot when aliens die, like Bob's mods, Necromant, Reika's EndgameCombat, Alien Loot Economy and Alien Space Science. The chest acts now as a passive provider chest and gets unlocked with logistic-robotics tech.

a month ago
0.16 - 1.1

i increased size or logistic chest

3 years ago

any chance we could get a bigger sized (so we could use more stack inserters to unload faster?) chest or make it logistic so that bots can take items from it? in some of my maps artillery kills lots of enemies and the chest fills up in a second and will keep spamming "cannot insert loot chest is full".. anyways great mod!

3 years ago

I thought about it and actually like the idea the chest being logistic. So I made it a passive-provider, that unlocks when you research "logistic-robotics". Also I made it a little more expensive.
So now if you had it researched from < 1.0.17 and update to latest release, chest won't go lost.
You just can't build new one until you research logi bots.

Hope you guys like it, if not, just don't update :P

3 years ago

wow thanks!

3 years ago

welcome, have fun! :)

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