Loot Chest+

by hanes

Automagically collects all the loot, on all surfaces. Useful in combination with artillery. Convenient for mods that add loot when aliens die, like Bob's mods, Necromant, Reika's EndgameCombat, Alien Loot Economy and Alien Space Science. The chest acts now as a passive provider chest and gets unlocked with logistic-robotics tech.

11 months ago
0.16 - 1.1

i Request Redmew "coin" be added to the list of collection.

3 years ago

Redmew has Coins drop from Worms/Spawners after their death.

For testing, download one of these ZIP's https://github.com/Refactorio/RedMew/releases
Put in Scenarios Folder.
Start Scenario.
Kill worms/Spawners

3 years ago

Is now added in 1.0.18

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