Q's Longer Burner Phase Mod

This mod stretches out the burner phase and moves electricity to later in the game.

5 days ago
0.16 - 0.18
1 year, 7 months ago
Latest Version:
1.2.2 (5 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 0.18
332 times

Brief Summary

Extends the Burner Phase of the gameplay and pushes electricity back a little.

Basic Description

Adds new burner machines to extend the Burner Phase, make burner-powered devices less obsolete, and throws in a couple of eco-friendly things.

Major Features

  • New Burner Assembling Machines: 3 tiers; Tier 2 is compact & very fast but has a limited recipe set
  • Advanced Burner Mining Drill: has lower pollution output, slightly larger area, extreme speed, & can mine Uranium Ore
  • Burner variants of the Oil Refinery & Chemical Plant
  • Burner Laboratory & 2 new types of Science Packs: for researching some new technologies
  • Eco-Assembling Machine & Eco-Chemical Plant: do not produce pollution & have lower energy consumption.
  • Air Filters: intermediate product used in higher tier burner devices, as well as eco-friendly devices
  • 3 new Achievements

Also includes a new scenario: MilitarySupply! Provide military resources to the empire!

Minor Features

  • ALL burner (chemical fuel) devices now pollute--except trains! Because Locomotives have air filters now.
  • Burner Inserters now move at the same speed as regular Inserters. Now they can keep up with fast belts.
  • A couple of changes to early-game recipes.
  • There is an option to prevent burner devices from connecting to the Circuit Network.
  • There is an option for some high-tier burner devices to accept modules.
  • The pump (for fluids) now requires electric Engine Units because they are powered by electricity.
  • Rearranged & redid a lot of early-game techs.

Mod Compatibility

Warning! Because this mod changes a LOT of things in the early game, it may cause conflicts with other mods. It is untested, but don't use other mods that drastically change the early game. Mods that are very small or that do not affect the early game should not cause any problems.
This mod is compatible with all of my other mods.
If you tried this in multiplayer and had any problems, let me know.



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