Advanced Furnaces

by badway
Five hell furnaces that can melt from 46 to 746 units of production + logistics tools. Energy consumption and pollution is appropriate. (can work with other mods for example angelssmelting, bobplates)
3 days ago
Owner: badway
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License: The Unlicense (Public Domain)
Created: 28 days ago
Latest Version: 0.1.0 (3 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
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Five hell furnaces that can melt from 46 to 746 units of production. Energy consumption and pollution is appropriate. (can work with other mods)

The dimensions of the furnaces are 6x6 cells, if we consider that the mod has been added logistics tools, based on the vanilla version, but with the appropriate characteristics, such as:
- loader,
- underground-belt,
- splitter,
- transport-belt,
there should be no problems with loading\uploading.
Recipes added to the technology of the furnaces, the technologies themselves are already so expensive, so there was no point in creating a separate branch.
This change allows you to fill in the blanks, and remove some questions.

With each new furnace level, a module slot is added, so
in the furnace 1 level - 2 slots,
in the furnace 2 level - 3 slots,
in the furnace 3 level - 4 slots,
in the furnace 4 level - 5 slots,
in the furnace 5 level - 6 slots
It is recommended to use modules that reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing pollution.
Research and cost of stoves is very expensive and it will not work to put them on every remelting.
But where it is required especially in the middle and the end of the game (for example, I used two furnaces of level 5 in the production of iron and copper plates).

Regarding pollution, furnace remelting rates and electrical consumption ...
Power consumption and contamination for level 1 furnace are exactly the same as from 48 electric-furnace, which are included in the recipe. The rest of the furnaces are also balanced.
Production rate of 1 electric-furnace - 2 units, i.e. it turns out that my furnaces are produced much slower than the spent amount of the electric-furnace on their production. But it's worth it, you save space + you need to still have time to unload and load products. Just do not forget about the time of crafting, and each item is different, such as steel ingots that are made much longer.

I think you understand that English is not mine, and this is a machine translation, so if you have bleeding eyes from a grammar ... well, what to do - thanks google translator)

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