Crash-Site Logistics Center

A logistics center was recovered from the crashed space ship. It could be modified to help you build your base.

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Crash-Site Logistics Center


EN: After you have survived the crash in one piece, you start searching for usable parts in the wreckage.
You find a still halfway intact logistics center, with which everything inside the ship could be transported, but it must be dismantled and rebuilt outside the wreckage and modified a bit to supply the perimeter of the spaceship. Because of the necessary modification it is not possible to connect the logistics center with other logistics centers and the construction plan itself is lost.
The control console is no longer usable, but you can find a blueprint for it.
In a storage room you find a few logistics chests and the corresponding construction plans. You rummage further and discover a few more blueprints for other chests that can be used by logistics robots, but they still need to be adapted a bit so that they work outside the ship.
That was a successful day, now you just have to take care of the power supply, maybe you can repair the broken power generator?

Note: Protect the LC like your apple of your eye. If it is destroyed, you will not be able to make a new one and all items will be lost.

DE: Nach dem du den Absturz heil überlebt hast, machst du dich im Wrack auf Suche nach verwertbaren Teilen.
Du findet ein noch halbwegs intaktes Logistik Zentrum, mit dem innerhalb des Schiffes alles transportiert werden konnte, allerdings muss es ausgebaut und außerhalb des Wracks wieder aufgebaut und etwas modifiziert werden um den Umkreis des Raumschiffen zu versorgen. Durch den erforderliches Umbau ist es allerdings nicht mehr möglich, die Zentrale mit anderen Zentralen zu koppeln und auch der Bauplan selber bleibt leider verschollen.
Die dazugehörige Steuerkonsole ist nicht mehr verwendbar, du findet allerdings einen Bauplan dafür.
In einem Lagerraum findest du noch ein paar Logistik-Kisten und die dazugehörigen Baupläne. Du stöberst weiter und entdeckst noch ein paar weitere Baupläne für andere Kisten, die von Logistik-Roboter angeflogen werden können, allerdings müssen diese noch etwas angepasst werden damit sie außerhalb des Schiffes funktionieren.
Das war ein erfolgreicher Tag, jetzt musst du dich nur noch um die Stromversorgung kümmern, Vielleicht kannst du den defekten Stromgenerator noch reparieren?

Hinweis: Schützen Sie das LZ wie Ihren Augapfel. Wird es zerstört, können Sie kein neues herstellen und alle Gegenstände sind verloren.

Creation of this mod

I did play a long time with the original mod. But since I started playing with Space Exploration, unfortunately it can't be used anymore. So I decided to rewrite the mod so that fits the Space Exploration environment. Now there is only one logistcs center, which must be built at the crash site. This one, however, helps immensely in building the new base until other transportation options have been explored.


to ABacker for his mod ab logistic scenter without which this mod would not have existed.


I am not always present everywhere but you can leave a message. Sometime I will read it ;-)

Description from original mod:



Consume power to teleport items. A replace of robots logistics, configurable and UPS friendly.


This mod adds four entities: Logistics Center, Collector Chest, Requester Chest, Logistics Center Controller.

  • Step 1, place a logistics center. Before that, you need to make sure that you have enough power supply to get the logistics center charged, 1GJ for the first charge, 2MJ per second by default, and much more power for items teleportation depending on the distance and items count.

  • Step 2, place a collector chest, put some items in it. And if everything goes right, the items will be teleported to the logistics center. Open the logistics center, and you will see the item signals. Though you can't take them out directly from the logistics center like a container.

  • Step 3, place a requester chest, set the request items to what you just put into at step 2, and the requester chest will request from the logistics center, gets items teleported into it.

  • Moreover, build a logistics center controller to limit the max number the logistics center can store for each item. And rearrange signal positions.

It works like the robots logistics, some kind of.

Mod Settings

This mod is fully configurable. Adjust the mod settings to balance your game.

  • Logistics Center Quick Start
  • Tech Cost
  • Item Type Limitation
  • Requester Chest Logistics Slots Count
  • Logistics Center Signal Slot Count
  • Collector Chest Power Consumption Per Item Per Distance
  • Requester Chest Power Consumption Per Item Per Distance
  • Check Collector Chest On Nth Tick (One Round)
  • Check Requester Chest On Nth Tick (One Round)
  • Check Collector Chest Percentages Per Round
  • Check Requester Chest Percentages Per Round

Setting Item Type Limitation has three options: "all", "ores only", "except ores" which will give you quite different gaming experience.

Settings Collector Chest Power Consumption Per Item Per Distance and Requester Chest Power Consumption Per Item Per Distance are two important factors. It is NOT RECOMMENDED that set the values lower than defaults.

Known Issues

  • This mod does NOT support multi-forces with multi-players. That means if you and your friends are in different forces, your items will be teleported together.
  • [RESOLVED] This mod does not support multi-surfaces right now. Which means you should NOT use Logistics Center, Collector Chest, Requester Chest in other surfaces, use them only in the main world. For example, do NOT use them inside Factorissimo2 buildings.

Bug Report

Any feedback on this mod is welcome.


The images of this mod are copied from other mods and some of them have been recreated by kots01, including:

Let me know if this bothers you.

So if you have proper images, contact me on Github or the mod Discussion Board. I will really appreciate it.


GPLv3.0 License