If I Had A Nickel

Adds nickel ore and plates, invar alloy, and some mechanical components.

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Mining Manufacturing
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  • Nickel ore generates in new worlds. Outside the starting area, nickel generates in tiny but more frequent patches.
  • Nickel plates are used most heavily for new intermediates, but are needed in the early game for drills and turret armor, and later in electric engines and batteries.


Planetfall - Code, Design, Art
Sigmaleph - Spanish locale

New Intermediates

Just to add a bit more complexity, flavor, and spaghetti.

  • Nickel-based electric motors are used in nearly every electric machine.
  • Invar (an alloy of nickel and iron) is used in furnaces and anything that needs heat resistance.
  • Valves made from invar are needed for engines and most machines that process fluids.

Hard mode intermediates can be enabled in mod settings for a more complex game. Note that many of these are pretty expensive and the option can be thought of as a sort of "marathon mode lite." Several of these are designed with an eye towards reducing ingredient count bloat in some building recipes when you run a large number of BZ mods - for example, machining tools will cost tungsten carbide if it is available, and replace tungsten carbide in the recipes of assemblers.

  • Motorized articulators, powered mechanisms used for a variety of applications from stack-inserter grabbers to sun tracking systems in solar panels.
  • Flow controllers, electronically-controlled valves for pumps and chemical plants.
  • Machining tools for assemblers and advanced smelters.
  • Cooling fans for computer and power-distribution equipment.
  • Gimbaled thrusters for rockets and satellites.
  • Advanced flow controllers if you have Space Exploration, for high-tech chemical labs and such.
  • Nickel electromagnets if you have Space Exploration, for particle accelerators, magnetized space belts, containment canisters, etc.
  • Nitinol plates and components if you have Space Exploration and BZ Titanium.

Mod Compatibility

If I Had a Nickel is mostly designed with vanilla progression in mind, but contains explicit compatibility with:

  • Krastorio 2
  • AAI Industries/Space Exploration
  • BZ mods
  • My other resource mods
  • Freight Forwarding modpack
  • Fluids Must Flow
  • More Science
  • Vortik's Deep Core Mining
  • Deadlock stacking and crating

Most non-overhaul mods will work with my resource mods, their recipes simply won't use any of the new items. Mods that mess with the progression of the game can be more problematic - they may break in unexpected ways if they modify item or recipe prototypes dynamically, or be uncompletable if they change tech tree dependencies. Compatibility requests are welcome but supporting every big overhaul simultaneously is probably beyond my ability.