by GotLag

Trains honk when stopping. And starting. And on command.

2 years ago
0.13 - 1.1

b Settings Malfunction

3 years ago

Hello, first of all I love your mod, it was the first mod I downloaded! Absolutely essential for playing Factorio. So thanks!!!
Anyway I was attempting to raise the volume of the honks to their 0.17 level because I like trains to jump scare the devil out of me when im loitering about a railyards. I did some testing and I noticed some strange behavior. It is as if any value for "honk volume" that is above 1, is being clamped to 1. So if I increase the volume to 1.5, 7, or the max of 10 it will be the same as a value of 1, while I am standing in the same spot near the train. This also produces odd behavior with the "volume multiplier", so with the default of 5 range the volume (1) will be the same until very far from the train, starting at 4 range units, when it will start to taper off(This is when the value goes below 1 so it is no longer clamped). And Honk volumes below 1 seem to work normally. I was curious if you have noticed the same problems in your testing. I am using Factorio 1.0.

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