by GotLag

Trains honk when stopping. And starting. And on command.

2 years ago
0.13 - 1.1

g Turn off honking when stopped at a signal

5 years ago
(updated 5 years ago)

"Audible distance, volume, cooldown and honks for specific occasions are controllable in-game using the mod settings menu."

I've been unable to find these options in the Mod Settings menu - only an instruction about J and H in the Controls section.

What I want to do is turn off the nagging horn honk when a train is stopped at a signal. I have wait-yards where trains are stacked waiting for a green signal to proceed to an open station ahead of them to load product (iron, for example). I turned off the notifications for 2-minute and 10-minute warnings, and that eliminated the messages. But they still sit at a red signal and honk every few seconds...very annoying. I even tried setting up a train stop to read a stopped-train signal from the occupied stop ahead of the waiting trains, thinking they would be satisfied that they were at a station stop. No luck...they still honk, regardless of what wait-until condition I give them. The only one where they don't honk is with a Circuit Condition set to blank and zero. But then they do nothing when the signal turns green as a station ahead opens up, just sit there.

Any advice or guidance?


P.S. Doing some further investigation, I realized in my description that I was mixing up some elements of Honk and Fat Controller. However, as a test, I disabled Honk and tested the horn sound at a red signal. No sound. So that confirms that the insistent honk while waiting at a red signal originates from Honk. Any way to disable that?

5 years ago

Settings -> Mod Settings -> Map tab

Are your honking trains the wait yard stopped at chain signals ahead of a circuit-controlled signal? For some reason this seems to cause trains to keep changing state, which triggers the horn upon re-entering the "wait for signal" state. I'm filing a bug report on the official forums

5 years ago

Yes, Gotlag. It's with the chain signals. Doesn't do it with a regular signal. But I need the chain signals to prevent them from moving forward through an intermediate section before the train stop section. Thanks for filing the bug report. I'd appreciate knowing any results you get from it.

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