by GotLag

Trains honk when stopping. And starting. And on command.

2 years ago
0.13 - 1.1

g Trains are honking with the new default 0.16 sound instead of the old one. And the new one sucks.

6 years ago
(updated 6 years ago)

So, 0.16 has it's own built-in honk feature which isn't as nice as this mod, and uses an awful horn sound which I think was recorded from the far end of a parking garage during a thunderstorm.

After re-installing this mod on factorio 0.16.7, I can now manually honk but it still plays the new horrible sound. THe old sound files still exist in the .zip file, but they're not being used.

Can this be fixed or worked around?


5 years ago
(updated 5 years ago)

I'm not aware of a default honk sound, but whatever sound I'm getting with the mod sounds great. Maybe it was a specific patch of 0.16 in which the issue was happening? I'm using 0.16.36.

5 years ago

I had the same problem spongeloaf. Turns out when I toggled OFF the "Extended Picker Mod", this was fixed. Picker apparently conflicts with and overwrites Honk. Tell me if this helps you. :)

5 years ago

Let me see if I understand. Vanilla has a horn now?
a non-related question. Can I edit the horns? I want the stop horn to be the departure horn, and make no sound when it stops

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