by GotLag

Trains honk when stopping. And starting. And on command.

2 years ago
0.13 - 1.1

i Honk Signal for Tracks

7 years ago

I will be cool if you make a signal for tracks what make a Honk when a train arive it ...
Before crosses with "humans" it you will hear that something is coming.
That will be cool and safety!

7 years ago

I'm not aware of any performance-friendly way to do this, unfortunately.

6 years ago

Add a green wire to a rail signal next to a train stop or crossing, then a speaker to the signal with the red or yellow signal. I like the triangle sound effect, from the drumkit.

5 years ago

This mod could add the train honks to available sounds of speakers so we can simulate honk for crossings.

4 years ago

How about on_player_changed_position -> find rail -> get_rail_segment_entity() -> read signal?
If the signal isn't green the rail isn't safe. You could honk at the player then, or try to find the train in the segment.

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