Hiladdar's Robots

Adds a new 4 new tiers of robots, 4 new tiers roboports, and 1 new personal roboport designed.
25 days ago
0.16 - 0.17


Change Log

   - Fixed info.json dependencies definitions
   - Add 2 roboports that focus on recharging robots with much smaller logistical and construction ranges
   - Increaed, input flow, buffer, and charging energy for the existing mk2 and mk3 roboports
   - Changed the pattern mk2 and mk3 roboports for recharing robots


   - Factorio Release 0.17.35 internally changed the naming convention of roboports, this patch is to put this mod in compliance with new naming convention.


    - Roboports can now be upgraded via the upgrade planner


    - Changed the color of personal roboport to greenish in color for both the icon and item which goes into armor.


    - Added addition refrensing to correct icon file
    - Found and fixed a graphic introducted via upgrading from Factorio .16 to .17


     - Changed recipies to work with 17.0.
     - Removed flag dependency since inventory is now handled differently.
     - Added color to both construction and logistic robots.


   - Corrected syntax errors in code which was preventing the module from loading in high resolution mode.


     - Initial Release