Generic Logistic Chest

Allows the player to make a special chest that can be turned into any of the base game logistic chests.

8 months ago
0.13 - 1.1

i Better support for robots/SE usage?

2 months ago
(updated 2 months ago)

EDIT: See my second post, leaving this one here for the record.

Currently you can't choose what a chest becomes unless you're building it manually, or copying from an existing one, maybe instead of opening a selection window, the choice should be in the chest UI itself? The way it is now adds extra steps for the hyper automated playstyle that Space Exploration requires and players who prefer a hands-off playstyle in general once robots are in.

Also the description of the mod caused some issues for me:
-Chests can be copy/pasted to change generic chests into a normal logistic chest
-Normal logistic chests can be copied and pasted onto generic chests
I was not able to copy/paste chests in any configuration
-Fast replacing a generic chest on an original logistic chest will replace it with the corresponding generic replacement
This only works manually, ordering robots to replace a normal logistic chest will replace it with an unconfigured generic chest

Also this made me realize that it's pretty weird that you can fast replace a generic chest with a normal logistic chest, who would really want to do that if the mod is working properly? So a fast solution might be just immediately changing the generic chest into that type of chest in thiat particular case, but this would still be less ideal than changing the chest type from anywhere or just choosing it when it's still a ghost.

2 months ago
(updated 2 months ago)

I've just realized the copy/paste in the description is referring to the settings transfer and not the entities (ie i was using ctrl+c/v instead of shift+left/right click) So it was actually a problem in the description only.

I've also noticed configuring things while they are still a ghost is just not supported by the game, so the current solution is actually almost perfect, but doing it via ghost (fast replacing a generic chest with a normal one via ghost i mean) would be even better since you wouldn't need a placed chest to copy the settings from.

a month ago

Sorry for the late response, been a busy few weeks. What exactly do you mean that configuring it as ghosts is not supported? Do you know that you can use ALT + Scroll wheel to change the generic chest on your cursor to a generic replacement?

I just realized that is not in the description on the mod portal, whoops.

a month ago

Do you know that you can use ALT + Scroll wheel to change the generic chest on your cursor to a generic replacement?

Well that changes everything, also my bad i should've checked the controls first although that is indeed crucial information you'd want to have on the description.

About the ghosts i meant how you can't paste anything into a ghost, the way i was using the mod in SE was telling robots to build the generic unconfigured chests and then using the satellite view to copy the chest type from a previously placed chest to the newly built one.

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