by Timeken

This mod is early in development and most if not all art is placeholder. This mod is inspired by Brevven's and adds the 6 noble gases plus uses for them.

4 months ago
Fluids Manufacturing

b Fullerenes uncraftable until Space Manufactory

5 months ago

It looks like this mod adds argon to BZ Carbon's fullerene recipe (it is the last mod to touch the recipe in my mod collection). However fullerenes already require nitrogen, and because the recipe type is "crafting-with-fluid", this means the only machine capable of making them is the SE Space Manufactory. This feels like a bug, in that it dramatically complicates the progression and makes fullerenes effectively gated behind space science when they should be gated behind chemical science . I would suggest either removing the argon or changing the recipe category to "chemistry" to avoid this.

5 months ago

Yupp looks like I accidentally just change it into a crafting-with-fluid recipe. I think it's normally a chemistry recipe, either way I'll fix it.

5 months ago

welp, the fix is done however I can't upload it right now as this sites server host seems to have some problems

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