Explosive Biters

This mod adds a nest of explosive aliens and worms! These aliens will explode on death (area damage) and spread fire. Fire spitters are also deadly burning everything! And if you see their Mother, run, run for you life! Say goodbye to your walls! Good luck!
21 days ago
0.16 - 0.17


-0.17.11- Reduced mother attack ratio, tweaked its resistances. Changed worm color.
-0.17.10- Fixed dying explosion
-0.17.9 - Devastating spitters are back, with new stream attacks. All new explosive worms, including a huge mother.
-0.17.8 - Made compatible with game version 0.17.12
-0.17.7 - Fixed a crash with small atomic explosion
-0.17.6 - v.017 release. Raised resistances to explosion. Immune to fire.
-0.16.5 - Raised resistances to fire and explosion. Damages where fixed to "enemy" force, now it respects the biter force.
-0.16.4 - added mod Settings for Damage and Health modifiers, and to disable alien Friendly-Fire.
-0.16.3 - added explosive spitters and a the huge mother of explosive aliens!