Endgame Combat

by Reika

Adds more powerful late and endgame combat capability to keep up with powerful enemies and huge biter bases.

11 days ago
0.15 - 0.18


Version: 1.0.172
Date: Oct 20 2018
	- Fixed crash on load with some users
Version: 1.0.164
Date: Oct 15 2018
	- Rebalanced T2 flamethrower
	- Napalm rocket tech is no longer much more expensive than napalm shells
	- Tweaked plasma turret tech prereqs
	- Added option to make napalm not set trees on fire
Version: 1.0.160
Date: Oct 10 2018
	- Rebalanced capsules
	- BobMods version of the Power Armor 3 recipe changed somewhat
Version: 1.0.148
Date: Sep 18 2018
	- Added sticky turrets
	- Health alerts should now take priority
	- Fixed crash with Bob Warfare
Version: 1.0.144
Date: Sep 10 2018
	- Added Supercavitating ammo type
	- Electric turrets no longer play low/critical alerts unless they have a zero idle drain, as non-drainless turrets would deplete entirely if power is lost
	- Tweaked a few tech costs
	- Made laser turret damage tech more uniform
Version: 1.0.138
Date: Sep 7 2018
	- High-tier ammo now has some piercing damage
	- Ammo crate properly inherits damage from parent type
	- Fluid wagons no longer pop like balloons when bumped into
	- Shockwave turret rangeboost effectivity increased
	- Spitters will no longer stop just outside the range of a shockwave turret
	- Cheapened electric defence technologies
	- Turret range boost tech is now cheaper
Version: 1.0.135
Date: Sep 5 2018
	- Shockwave turret damage technology now shows the effect in the tech screen
	- Moved shockwave turret earlier in the techtree, and replaced aluminum (if applicable) with nickel
	- Cannon turret now uses cobalt instead of invar
	- Acid turret now uses aluminum instead of cobalt
	- Fixed spurious turret alarms
	- Fixed some missing localizations
	- Added "weaponized electrical discharge" tech as a prereq for some defence technologies
	- Turret logi chests no longer show "no network" icons
	- Hid range-boost turrets from the bonus gui
Version: 1.0.132
Date: Sep 2 2018
	- Rebalanced technology dependencies and recipes, with a focus on BobMods integration
	- Added command to silence the sounds from turret alerts for a user-specified length of time
	- T2 Flamethrower now requires Advanced Electronics 2
	- Added option for more intelligent "low ammo" warnings, based on dealable damage and its relation to average enemy health at that evolution factor
	- Reduced concussion turret damage from 5x to 2x
	- Made concussion turrets available much earlier
	- Split incendiary ammo tech into pre and post uranium
	- Brought incendiary uranium ammo more in line with vanilla ammo DPS
Version: 1.0.120
Date: Aug 21 2018
	- Redesigned robot and electric pole defence techs, they now have proper tiered and tech-level-dependent behavior
	- Added a radar defence tech
	- Trains and cliffs are now properly radiation-immune
	- Reduced reinforced-only wall strength from 4000 to 2000, and made it cheaper
	- Improved orbital strike performance