Enchanted Nuclear

Adds a realistic neptunium, plutonium, thorium and radium processing and adds other things related to nuclear like bombs, ammo and more.

4 months ago
0.17 - 1.0
11 months ago
Latest Version:
0.3.0 (4 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.0
4435 times


This mod adds processing for plutonium, neptunium, thorium and radium.
Adds 2 new nuclear reactors, including the very high temperature nuclear reactor and the molten salt nuclear reactor that uses thorium fuel cells to generate heat.
Adds plutonium fuel cell (7GJ) and thorium fuel cell(12GJ).
Adds highly radioactive rounds magazine made of uranium, radium and plutonium.
Each nuclear fuel cell must be created with an empty fuel cell.
Adds the uranium nuclear bomb and the plutonium nuclear bomb which can be sent using an artillery canon causing great damage.
I highly recommend this mod if you want to make nuclear in Factorio more interesting and difficult.

More deeply
With this mod each fuel cell should be created with an empty fuel cell made from concrete, steel and iron sticks.

EnchantedNuclear does not change the processing of Factorio's base uranium. After a fuel cell is used in a nuclear reactor, it can be reprocessed, most reprocessing of used fuel cell produces nuclear waste which must be buried in the ground thanks to a nuclear waste burial building. Uranium oxide, which is of little use, can also be buried in the ground. Reprocessing used fuel cells also provides useful things like plutonium 239 which is used for the nuclear plutonium bomb and plutonium fuel cell (MOX fuel) and neptunium which can be transformed into plutonium or used in highly radioactive munitions.
Since version 0.1.10 I added the enrichment of uranium hexafluoride which is a new way to obtain uranium 235. Basically, uranium 238 or uranium oxide can be converted to uranium hexafluoride, then converted to low enriched uranium hexafluoride which can be transformed into uranium 238 or enriched into highly enriched uranium hexafluoride which can be converted into uranium 235. Kovarex enrichment is always present except that the result will be enriched uranium hexafluoride instead of uranium 235.

The mod also adds thorium, an ore more abundant than uranium which can also be used as nuclear fuel later. To mine thorium, hydrofluoric acid must be used, which is obtained from uranium ore and sulfuric acid, which gives fluorite and uranium hexafluoride. The fluorite will then need to be mixed with sulfuric acid and water to give hydrofluoric acid.

The thorium ore can then be transformed into thorium 232, then thanks to the help of uranium 235, thorium 232 bombarded with neutrons becomes uranium 233 which is fissile. Uranium 233 is therefore used in the thorium fuel cell with a very small amount of uranium 236.

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