by Dysoch

DyWorld-Dynamics, the successor of DyWorld, which is the successor of DyTech. Adds a massive story into the game. Use the mod scenario to start the story

7 months ago
8 months ago
Latest Version:
0.2.2 (7 months ago)
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Welcome to DyWorld-Dynamics, the mod all about a survival story in Factorio!

Quick Summary

DyWorld-Dynamics, or better known as DyWorld 2, is a mod that is all about a story in Factorio.
It adds a compelling story about the crash landing, and try to figure out why and how you crashed on a weird planet. Explore strange new worlds with Space Exploration, try out complex new recipe chains, exciting combat mechanics, harsh survival aspects such as food and water and a complex bonus RPG-like system!

NOTE: To start the story, USE the mod scenario added by the mod when starting a new game. Freeplay has the gameplay, but will miss survival, story and rpg!

Long Summary

DyWorld-Dynamics adds several new things to the game. The normal Factorio is completely deleted, and rebuild from the ground up! Here is what each feature holds:


A story is added to Factorio, complete with objectives. Crash land on a planet and find out where you are. Name the planet and create a base to defend against the natives. Eventually go into space, and find out more disturbing facts ...........

RPG-like Bonuses

Everything you (and your Multiplayer mates) do matters. Everything you do is recorded and gives you a lot of bonuses.
Mine a lot by hand, mine faster!
Crafting a lot? It will go faster and faster!
You like killing? Here is more health!
There are bonuses for almost everything you do!
However, it has a catch! If you die, everything you did with your previous body will be gone, and bonuses will reset. A nice incentive to try not to die!
There is even more, it is also tied into the survival mechanic!


DyWorld-Dynamics adds a new mechanic: Survival. This means you have to eat and drink. Also watch the temperature, the radiation and pollution around you. Yes this is a hard mechanic, but it gives the game another twist!

Complex Attacks

A Rampant like feature. The mod registers every building, and sends waves of enemies at you, depending on the size of your base, custom evolution and the normal evolution. These are hard to defend against, but doable. Eventually even scarier attacks will happen .......

Complete reworked base game

The base game is completely gone. Nothing is the same. Ores are different and higher in numbers, new items, new machines, and so much more. Enemies are differently named, and much higher in numbers

Complex fun recipes

Experience feedback loops, complex chains of recipes. All the recipes from the base game have been redone. Oil very different, metal smelting is way more complex

More info coming soon