Dispatcher: dispatch trains to chosen stations with signals

Adds a new train station (Dispatcher) that dispatches waiting trains to a station when a dispatch virtual signal is received (target station ID is provided via the signal).

1 year, 2 months ago
0.16 - 0.18
2 years ago
Latest Version:
1.2.0 (1 year, 2 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 0.18
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This mod adds a new train station, the Dispatcher.

When a dispatch virtual signal is received by the Dispatcher, the awaiting train is sent to the corresponding station. For instance, if the Dispatcher station is named Iron and a dispatch signal with value 1 is received, the train is sent to the station named Iron.1.

Now you can choose with signals where you want to send your trains!

How it works

When a train arrives at a Dispatcher, its schedule is saved and reset, so that the train will wait at the station, until a dispatch signal is received by the Dispatcher via a green or red wire. Note that if the train is then set to Manual by a player, its original schedule will be restored.

When a Dispatcher receives a dispatch signal (new virtual signal added by this mod, available in the Signals tab), and there is a train awaiting at the station, the train schedule will be restored, and a new station will be added right after the Dispatcher.

For instance, if the Dispatcher station is named Iron and a dispatch signal with value 1 is received, the train schedule is modified to add the station named Iron.1 right after the station Iron. The waiting conditions at station Iron.1 will be identical to the conditions set to station Iron. After the train arrives at station Iron.1, the station will be removed from the train schedule right after it leaves the station.

If the Dispatcher receives a signal, but there is no corresponding station, nothing will happen. The Dispatcher will wait for the next valid signal.

Please note that you may add any number of intermediary stations in the train schedule (for instance: Refuel then Iron then Furnace, where Iron is the Dispatcher stations that will send your trains to one of your mining station depending on available resources). Dispatchers may by chained (Dispatch dispatcher that sends to Dispatch.1 or Dispatcher.2 dispatchers, that send to Dispatcher.1.1 or Dispatcher.2.1 etc.)

How to use it

It allows you to create a large waiting areas for your trains. When enough resource is available at an outpost (or when a resource is needed at an outpost), the central waiting area is notified, so that a train is sent by a Dispatcher to the station to pick up or provide the resource.

Please note that this is not so easily done. This is desired, so you may play with virtual signal. This is fun! (or not…)
I will provide a blueprint as an example very soon.

What it adds

  • New train station: Dispatcher
  • New virtual signal: dispatch
  • New technology: Dispatcher


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