Diesel Locomotive deprecated

Adds functionality and a locomotive for using fluids as fuel. Can use heavy oil, light oil, or diesel (if added by another mod), or all three. Configurable in Settings -> Mod Settings. (I am no longer playing this game or supporting this mod. I see someone else made a successor, though: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/dieselTrains)

1 year, 8 months ago
0.15 - 0.17

g compatibility with BigBags

1 year, 3 months ago

Fact: 23.758 Error Util.cpp:83: Error while loading item prototype "Diesel-Locomotive-water" (item): Value outside of range in property tree at ROOT.item.Diesel-Locomotive-water.stack_sizeModifications: Diesel Locomotive › Big Bags (more space in bags +longer reach)

1 year, 3 months ago

Sounds like BigBags modifies the stack_size by a multiplicative without checking if it makes it too large. Something they would have to handle, sorry.

1 year, 3 months ago

thanks for quick reply.