Destructive Blueprints

This mod adds the ability to place blueprints over existing buildings. Deconstruction is ordered for buildings that are in the way. Usage: Press Ctrl (by default) and place a blueprint to demolish any buildings that stand in its way.

8 months ago

i Upgrades?

8 months ago


This is a request for a different mod. I'm asking you because it is close to what you have here.

Can you make a mod that upgrades placed entities that align with the entities in the (blueprint)?
My specific use case is that I have a base that I built from a blueprint. I want to upgrade some of the belts from yellow to red, but not all of them.
If there were a type of blueprint that let me mark matching entities for upgrades, it would be helpful.


8 months ago

yeah, this will come with future updates.
If you really need that future right now you can still use this mod. It will deconstruct the yellow belt and then place the red one.

8 months ago

Interesting. I'll try that out. thanks!

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