Cractorio Base

The base of Cractorio modpack

3 months ago

g Krastorio + S.E.

4 months ago

Awesome mod! adds alot to krastorio that adds alot of great content and late game fun.

Is this mod compatible with Space Exploration?

4 months ago
(updated 4 months ago)

Hey, I think it can be compatible if I set the beacon and module mod to optional. I am planing for my next update to be able to run SE on top.

4 months ago
(updated 4 months ago)

OK now enjoy running SE on top, just had to move some mod over to optional and it worked.
To run SE remove these mods:
- Atlas_BobK2PowerFix
- bobpower
- wret-beacon-rebalance-mod
- Krastorio2_Modules_Updated
- Load-Furn-2 (Keep it or use Industrial furn)

Then install SE + stacking for AAI and SE

4 months ago

A+ Service

4 months ago

I'm having trouble with a few mods, it may not be possible or not your problem; but I am trying to get these mods to work together to add a big challenge with the fun of Krastorio 2, if possible.

Big Mods: Krastroio 2, Space Exploration.

Medium Mods: Cractorio Base Pack, Rampant, Exploration Extreme Modpack.

Small Mods: ArmoredBiters, Cold Biters, Explosive Biters, Lighted Electric Poles +, bottleneck lite, squeak through.

Possible Optional mods: Rampant Arsenal, Rampant: Heavy Walls, Fluid Must Flow, Helmod.

So you need me to download Krastiro 2 first and then Cractorio Base Pack, then I need to disable to 5 mods you mentioned above if they show up on the list before I install Space Exploration. Is that the right order? What is AAI?

(sorry for my noobishment, I'm just trying to bring out the maximum potential for Krastorio 2 and make the bugs an all-game stage threat before I tryout Bobs or Angel Overhauls.)

4 months ago
(updated 4 months ago)

I dont think you need to disable anything as those mods that cause conflict are moved to the cractorio full pack.
I guess you just have to put it thougheter and see if it works. Then tell me if my mod is causeing any issues.

If any mods in my required list cause issues you can tell me and I will move them over to the full pack version of the mod.

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