by Mylon
Roboports automatically place concrete within their reach.
23 days ago
0.14 - 0.18

b Crash when base loses power.

- 3 years ago

Error: Concreep/control.lua:59: attempt to index field 'logistic_network' (a nil value)
Effect: Game crash to main menu
Reproduction: Accumulators drain, entire base loses power. Within the next thirty seconds or so the game will crash.

I think this might be the same issue as raised in

Is this something known? I am on Concreep 0.9.6, Factorio 0.14.21.

Cheers for any assistance :)

- 3 years ago

Yeah, I introduced a bug in 0.9.6 (and it survived to 0.9.7), so I'm pushing out an update right now.