MadClown01's Nuclear Extension

Introduces an optional advanced uranium enrichment process to replace the Koravex process. Adds a thermonuclear bomb - gives end-game Bob's enemies something to fear. Adds tactical nuclear artillery shells (enable in mod settings, disabled by default)

6 months ago
0.16 - 1.1

g request update please

3 years ago

hey author, ok my base version is 1.0.0 but mod saying it needs 1.1.0 no update ready orr available for that version,

3 years ago

V1.1 is on experimental right now. you should be running Version 1.3.11 of this mod for V1.0 though it may have updated you to v1.1.12 when you did mod updates.

3 years ago

V1.1 is the experimental factorio version (most up-to-date), the only changes i have made in the migration from 0.18 to that was a version bump to let it work, any listed 0.18 version of this mod will still work on 1.0