MadClown01's Nuclear Extension

Introduces an optional advanced uranium enrichment process to replace the Koravex process. Adds a thermonuclear bomb - gives end-game Bob's enemies something to fear. Adds tactical nuclear artillery shells (enable in mod settings, disabled by default)

6 months ago
0.16 - 1.1

i RU-locale

5 years ago

1ofAll thank you for AWESOME mods, imho best extentions to Angels+Bobs!
The least i can do - bring you this Russian localization for:

Here you are:
Best regards! Love your mods! Please keep their development!

4 years ago

im sorry, how do i keep forgetting to add these files to the mod

could you please send them to me on discord
Pez#2787 im on the factorio discord or the omnimatter one.