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Deletes the normal bugs as we know it, BugZilla, mother of all bugs takes over... Good luck! (you'll need it)

4 years ago
0.15 - 0.16
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.2.2 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 0.16
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The goal of this mod is to prepare a base in a limited amount of time, after that, one big happy bug comes and walks all over your base. It's your task to survive, rebuild, defeat! And most of all: having fun with friends.


The mod is made so you can change all settings while playing. This way you can adapt the mod to your needs, at your own time, providing you the best experience possible!

Initial prepairing time

The time (in minutes) that is meant to build your base, from the creation of the map to the point of the first attack. The goal is to get weapons ready to defend against the incomming attacks. Default setting is set to 120 minutes, but this is ment for a big group (10+ people recommended). For smaller groups, I would recommend setting an inital prepairing time up to 5 hours, or even higher if you want to take it slower.

Time to kill BugZilla

This setting changes the amount of time (in minutes) you have to kill BugZilla. In that time she will spawn, come towards your base, leave destruction in her path. You can set this time as high as you want, but be aware, the longer she is alive, the more destruction that will come if you don't kill her. Afther that time she will despawn. By default this is set to 10 minutes, what I think is a good balance between being able to kill her and not losing your whole base on the first attack.
When she dies, she will leave you a reward that (could) boost your progress. On the other hand, she will leave a penalty at the place she dies when she despawns.

Time between BugZilla's

The time (in minutes) after you kill the last BugZilla (or when they despawn) and before a new attack wave comes. This time is meant to repair your base, increase your defences, and progress further to completing your game (whatever that may be, I'll leave that part up to you).

BugZilla spawn range

This settings (minimum and maximum) defines where BugZilla will spawn. I left these options in here for the following reason. When you have a small base you don't want BugZilla using multiple minutes to walk towards your base, and then leaving you less time to kill it. On the other hand you want to increase these settings if you don't want BugZilla to spawn inside your base when you progress towards a mega production size base.




  • Bugs getting harder to kill over time (rework)

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