Brass Tacks

Adds zinc ore so you can make the best alloy.

22 days ago
2 months ago
Latest Version:
1.1.1 (22 days ago)
Factorio version:
67 times

This mod adds zinc and brass to the game. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc used in mechanisms, plumbing, and ammunition. It slightly increases the overall complexity of production chains and increases the relative importance of copper in the early game. It is inspired by the BZ series of resource mods, which it should be fully compatible with.

List of changes from vanilla:

  • Zinc ore generates in new worlds with approximately the same frequency as stone. Zinc and copper plates are combined to create brass precursor, which is then smelted to produce brass plates.
  • Gears are now 1 iron + 1 brass instead of 2 iron, and have a new sprite to reflect this.
  • Added gears to a variety of recipes.
  • Added brass plates to bullet, shotgun, and cannon ammo recipes.
  • Added zinc plate to battery recipe.
  • New intermediate: brass pipe fittings. Used to craft pipes, pumps, storage tanks, as well as flamethrower and rocket fuel.
  • New intermediate: bearings. Made from brass and lubricant, used in electric engines and high-tier machinery.
  • New intermediate: airtight seals, an upgraded form of pipe fittings with a graphite gasket. Only available if used alongside bzcarbon.
  • Option to start new freeplay games with a stack of brass to alleviate burner phase grind.
  • New intermediates and resources can be stacked and crated using Deadlock's mods.