Brass Tacks

Adds zinc ore so you can make the best alloy.

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1.3.5 (2 days ago)
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  • Zinc ore generates in new worlds. Zinc plates are primarily alloyed with copper to make brass, but are also needed to make batteries.
  • Brass is an integral part of many early game components like gears and pipes. Gears are also needed in some more products than before.
  • Most ammunition needs brass, representing casings.
  • Option to start new freeplay games with a stack of brass to alleviate burner phase grind.


Planetfall - Code, Design, Vector art
Galdoc - High quality item and tech icons
Sigmaleph - Spanish locale

New Intermediates

Just to add a bit more complexity, flavor, and spaghetti.

  • Flanges, a component in basic fluid infrastructure (pipes, pumps, tanks). These only require brass but are somewhat slow to craft.
  • Airtight seals, an upgraded form of pipe fittings that replace them in some recipes and also are used in valves from If I Had a Nickel, if enabled. This recipe only exists if another mod adds a material suitable for gaskets, either graphite from BZ carbon or rubber from BrimStuff.
  • Bearings, made from brass and lubricant and used to craft high speed machinery.

Hard mode intermediates can be enabled in mod settings for a more complex game. Note that many of these are pretty expensive and the option can be thought of as a sort of "marathon mode lite." Several of these are designed with an eye towards reducing ingredient count bloat in some building recipes when you run a large number of BZ mods - for example, complex joints will cost cermet if it is available, and replace cermet in the recipe of the assembler mk.3.

  • Articulated mechanisms, replacing gears in recipes where a mechanism makes sense but a rotary mechanism does not.
  • Flywheels. Useful for a variety of different machines that convert between reciprocating and rotary motion (pumpjacks, steam engines, trains, splitters, etc) or intermittently running heavy machines like drills.
  • Galvanized steel, beams treated with zinc for better withstanding the elements (e.g. in power poles) or corrosive substances (e.g. pumps, laser turrets)
  • Hardened hulls, tough plating for containing dangerous chemicals and extreme heat. Used in various heavy machinery like chemical plants, furnaces, etc.
  • Gearboxes, replace gears in "add a bunch of gears to make it go faster" recipes like red belts. Advanced gearboxes for things like blue belts that bring in lubricant and some other components. They also come in purple, if you're playing Krastorio.
  • Gyroscopes, for flying things (robots, rockets) and turrets.
  • Complex joints, the sophisticated big sister of articulated mechanisms for high-end machines.
  • Skyseeker armatures, only if you have Space Exploration or AAI signal transmission. A component in buildings that point heavy equipment at specific points in the sky (delivery cannons, telescopes, artillery, etc.)

Mod Compatibility

Brass Tacks is mostly designed with vanilla progression in mind, but contains explicit compatibility with:

  • Krastorio 2
  • AAI Industries/Space Exploration
  • BZ mods
  • My other resource mods
  • Freight Forwarding modpack
  • Fluids Must Flow
  • More Science
  • Vortik's Deep Core Mining
  • Deadlock stacking and crating

Most non-overhaul mods will work with my resource mods, their recipes simply won't use any of the new items. Mods that mess with the progression of the game can be more problematic - they may break in unexpected ways if they modify item or recipe prototypes dynamically, or be uncompletable if they change tech tree dependencies. Compatibility requests are welcome but supporting every big overhaul simultaneously is probably beyond my ability.